kiosk patents – Amazon patents to pick-up and check-out

By | March 31, 2015

Amazon has filed several patents recently that show that the e-commerce giant continues to be interested in the world of physical retail. Over the past few months, the company has experimented with a number of different… Read More


The first patent, outlining a kiosk management system, was filed by Neil Ackerman, who conducts product management and strategic invention at Amazon,according to LinkedIn. In 2014, Ackerman received the highly coveted “Just Do It” Award, presented by Jeff Bezos. Only a couple of dozen people have received this recognition, according to his biography.

The second patent, regarding retail check-out systems, lists multiple inventors, including Steve Kessel, an Amazon SVP, who we reported last month had returned from a long sabbatical to work on a super secret project. It still isn’t known what Kessel, who is known for developing the company’s first e-reader, is doing, but perhaps this filing sheds some light on it.

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