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By | June 13, 2024
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Little Clinic Patient Check-In

It was good to see new patient check-in kiosk at the Little Clinic in King Soopers the other day.  Kroger has always been a leader in technology having installed DMVNow kiosks and these patient check-in kiosks. Good illustration of the blending of two verticals (Grocery and Healthcare).

My King Soopers used to have an Elo AIO countertop but for some reason it never really seemed to communicate “Start Here” like this new pedestal does (Wallabye).¬† Sometimes pedestals work better albeit they might cost a few hundred dollars more. Better to work and create happier customers (and increase loyalty)

Couple of notes about this one:

  • Started in Georgia and going out to all locations.
  • We talked to the medical people there and asked the usual questions
    • How many customers use the kiosk —¬† All of them
    • How do they use the kiosk?
      • Many schedule appointment on web and get qr code that they then scan at the kiosk to check in
      • Some schedule right them (walk in)
    • Do they help you?¬† — YES, all the usual requisite information is already gathered and collated. We can focus on the patient health concern.
    • Is the Storm device working?¬† —¬† we tested and YES
    • Do people use it — YES
    • Who does the app?¬† — we think web app special for Little Clinic
    • What’s the biggest complaint?¬† — some say it is too short
    • Any improvements you would suggest? —¬† Yes, add a tilt mechanism to the touchscreen
    • Is it ok to turn it off and watch it boot up – YES — employee quickly did that
    • Fast boot up and Android. No big surprise there. Elo is a leader in Android


  • The Little Clinic operates 225 locations, providing immediate medical care inside select grocery stores. These clinics are staffed by licensed and Board-certified healthcare providers. It‚Äôs a convenient option for those seeking accessible and affordable healthcare services.
  • As of the latest available data, there are 3,242 Kroger-owned stores in the United States. Kroger operates under various banners, and these stores are spread across multiple states, predominantly in the Midwestern and Southern regions. The state with the most Kroger stores is California, with 303 locations
  • Website for Little Clinic
  • Find a Little Clinic Location

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