Popeyes Chicken Kiosk Locations in Prague Thanks To Acrelec

By | June 13, 2024
popeyes kiosk acrelec

Popeyes Rolls Out Self Order Kiosks by Acrelec

Good to see Acrelec with big win in Prague and Popeyes.¬† And we tacked on news from KFC and the UK. As of 2021. We must admit we eat at Popeye’s.¬† We like the Cajun chicken fingers (Chick-Fil-A is too sweet).¬† Their drive thru is kind of wonky and sometimes the speaker seems low quality.¬† They consistently get my order wrong and I have to consistently adjust.¬† I usually had 2 part order but they always aggregate the two.¬† Nowadays I order the first item, then when I get to the window I add the second item.

Popeyes operates 3,705 restaurants across more than 46 states in the US, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and 30 countries worldwide. Approximately 50 locations are company-owned, while the vast majority are franchised. In 2024, there are 3,076 Popeyes restaurants in the United States, with Texas having the most locations (416 restaurants, about 14% of all Popeyes restaurants in the US).

Meanwhile Acrelec seems to be firing on all cylinders — see latest RBR report writeup on worldwide McDonalds kiosks — Market Research Restaurant Report for McDonalds and Other ‚Äď Worldwide

Popeyes Kitchen by Acrelec

We’re thrilled to spotlight our incredible partnership with Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen as one of our global kiosk partners! Together, we’re revolutionizing the dining experience with our state-of-the-art kiosks.

Join us in celebrating the unveiling of Popeyes’ “Restaurant of the Future” at the show in Prague, where ACRELEC kiosks are at the forefront of innovation

From the UK to France, United Arab Emirates to Singapore, ACRELEC kiosks are enhancing customer experiences and streamlining operations in Popeyes restaurants across the globe

Here’s to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of self-service and digital transformation!¬†

And from KFC and UK

It has already been a busy week at Acrelec United Kingdom HQ with two successful KFC UK & Ireland installations, check out the pictures below

‚ě° Hemel Hempstead: three brand new ACRELEC K22 kiosks were installed at this KFC location.

‚ě° Little Island, Cork: three kiosks were deinstalled, and five brand new K22 kiosks were installed at this location.

These successful installations highlight ACRELEC‘s commitment to enhancing customer service through advanced kiosk technology, and our strong partnership with KFC.

KFC kiosk Acrelec

KFC kiosk Acrelec

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