New Outdoor Touchscreen Kiosk from Korea With Voice

By | June 10, 2023
KISTI Technology Korea

Outdoor Kiosk for Smart City

We recently did a review and questionnaire for KISTI on some new technology for outdoor.  To be sure this is PRE-LAUNCH-ENGINEERING review. Availability in Korea should be in fall. Whether it makes it to the US or Europe is another question altogether.  Our guess is people such as LG, Samsung and even BOE are keeping an eye on these people. Hard to say what the price will be.

As we said — expected to launch later this year in Korea; the new model has a number of unique features:

  • Integrated voice recognition (so it likely comes with a speaker of sorts). We haven’t seen anyone else in the smart city space (or hotel space or transportation space) sporting voice recognition.¬† Storm Interface manufactures a specially designed microphone for speech with exceptional voice discrimination.¬† Think of loud rap music coming from car/driver ordering via voice at the drive thru.¬† Ambient noise has always been the biggest issue.¬† Hearing in a noisy environment has always been a problem for that matter.
  • Expect to see next-generation noise-cancellation microphones along with directional speakers?
  • The unit will also feature a sliding interface based on the eye level of user.¬† Shifts up for taller, shifts down for shorter. It makes it more readable and also eliminate glare from above (see our article on Whole Foods SCO with Marks and Spencer blinding screen).
  • That eliminates having to use some sort of mechanical actuator. Good example is the touch to go higher/touch to go lower Olea adjustable height patient kiosks.
  • Instead of wheelchairs, maybe the new outdoor is designed for sporty Tesla or one of those monster Escalades by Cadillac
  • Would work for wheelchairs though

Study Notes

  • done in collaboration with the¬†Ministry of SMEs and Startups¬†and¬†KISTI and the related posts can be found on the website of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.\
  • Notes are problematic unless you read Korean. Image-based. You can screencap and then upload and open with Google docs and it will translate as well. 14 pages is bit too much work.
  • Here is KISTI brochure — KISTI Brochure-compressed

Probable¬† Base — ITGO — IRON-SafeTouch(O)-55S2F is a unique, technology-leading ITGO Outdoor Interactive Digital Signage solution with SafeTouch™ technology, Anti-Solar™¬† technology and enhanced cooling system. This product is certified by Public Procurement Service of Korea. —

Display size 55 inch
Brightness 2500 nit Max.
Dimension (mm) 940(W)*1590(H)*360(D) @55inch Main Set
Weight 220kg
Operating Temp. -30‚ĄÉ ~ +50‚ĄÉ
Ambient Humidity 10% ~ 90%
Thermal Cooling Control Dual Cooling Structure
‚ąô Display surface air-cooler (Front)
‚ąô Powerful air-exchange cooler(Rear 500W)
Direct Sunlight (heat) Acceptance Up to 1,200W/m2
@Display surface and SafeTouch Sensor
FAN Noise Typ. 30dBA, Max <43dBA @ front & side
Typ. 45dBA, Max <67dBA @ Rear
Input Power AC 100V ~ 240V @50/60Hz
External Connector Port AC Input 1 Port, Empty hall 1 Port
@Waterproof connector
Auto Time Set 3 step auto operation mode ( Awake / Operate / Sleep Mode )
Power Consumption Operate Mode : Typ. 350W / Max 600W Sleep mode : < 2W
Housing Structure
(Enclosure & Touch)
Seald enclosure(1.6mm thickness galvanized steel cover with powder coating)
Protection Grade IP65
Management Support NMS
(Network Management System)
Warranty 1 year( Extendible to 5 years)

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