Why kiosk software is purposed device software

By | June 20, 2014

Purposed devices are devices assigned to a user with the

Laura Kioware

Laura Kioware

intention of being used only for a particular application, task, and/or job.

How do you turn a tablet into a purposed device? It’s a simple process with kiosk software.

  1. Install Kiosk Software
  2. Configure kiosk software to allow access only to the activity, application, websites necessary to perform the job/task at hand
  3. Deploy tablet to employee/user as a purposed device

What are the benefits of using kiosk software for your purposed device security?

  1. Access to the Operating System can be restricted and eliminated.
  2. Unauthorized applications can be blocked.
  3. Users can restrict access to unauthorized websites, allow access to only those necessary websites.
  4. Using KioWare Server (or other kiosk server options), you can access usage statistics, activity, and tablet location.
  5. Configuration settings and device content can be modified remotely.

While technology can provide great efficiencies and advantages to employers, unsecured devices create both productivity and security issues.   Depending on your business needs, it may be determined that a specific operating system is needed for the task/purpose at hand.  Windows and Android devices fit most needs, and KioWare is available for either OS and is extremely scalable.  Learn more about purposed devices.

Laura Boniello Miller

Director of Marketing

KioWare is an official GSA contract holder with contract number GS-35F-277BA under IT Schedule 70.   KioWare kiosk software is available for Android and Windows devices and a free demo is available at kioware.com.

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