Stadium POS Age Verification

By | January 31, 2023
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Stadium ID Age Verification

Saw a nice Article on IDmission detailing stadium verification projects.


IDmssion Identity Solutions

IDmssion Identity Solutions

  • Not IDmissions only business. Note that IDmission has just announced a new product line for Age Verification & Payments for Alcohol Self-Service
  • Total of 200 million identities processed world-wide
  • Highlights TendedBar iteration.
  • Faster, fewer staff required, more secure and you only register once
  • Nice photo of “unwitting employees” for better face detection


IDmission Resource Links

For more information contact [email protected]

About IDmission Biometric Verification

IDmission was founded in 2011 to develop world-class biometric and onboarding solutions. After just 2 years, IDM landed its first global customer serving the money transfer business. With this customer processing over 750,000 customer images every month from 130 countries, IDmission was well on its way to developing a true global AI engine with no racial or ethnicity bias.

IDmission prides itself on working with customers to solve onboarding issues utilizing our various AI engineered solutions and industry-specific knowledge. Our team of data scientists, engineers, product specialists, and customer success managers provides IDmission with a platform to enhance your customer experience while working with a company that is easy to do business with.

ISO Passive Liveness Compliance

  • Spoof-proof selfie liveness detection
  • AI-based analysis
  • Realtime client & server-based
  • Ease of use: no blink, no zoom, no head turn

Multi-Factor Fraud Defense

  • Verify customer/employee identity
  • ISO-compliant passive liveness detection
  • Deduplication: one face / one customer
  • Determine document authenticity
  • Match selfie to document(s)
  • Identify known threats (KYC)
  • Reduce racial bias through AI

Rapid Integration

  • Fast & responsive integrations
  • Rapid solutions to meet specific needs
  • Tailored onboarding applications for numerous industries
  • Global roll-outs & support

Third-Party Integrations

  • Over 100 pre-built integrations to 3rd party applications
  • Our “Junctions” program is a collection of sophisticated APIs
  • Data providers
  • Application software
  • System integrators

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