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Touch Screen Sale + New Elo 2770L Touchscreen

Elo Summer promo + Introducing 2770L 70-Series Touchmonitors Editors Note:  Good breakout of Elo product solutions including their “stands”. Elo has the deserved reputation for being the leader in touch screen and nice to get a summer discount. Starting July 1st, get instant rebate discounts on popular Elo touchscreen monitors, touchscreen computers, touchscreen signage and open frame touch… Read More »

Touch Screen Monitor Kiosks – Touchless

Touch Screen Kiosk – Gesture, IR, Voice, AI, Foot & Mobile Editor Update November 2021 – Be sure and review the latest contactless touch “touchless touch” kiosks which are being featured at NRF 2022 by kiosk manufacturers,. Having touchscreens or customer input stations that utilize no-touch touchscreen technology or “touchless touch” accelerated with the advent of COVID-19 pandemic. … Read More »

Touchscreen News – Patent Granted: TSItouch Glass Retention Bezel System

TSItouch has officially received a patent for the Glass Retention Bezel System (GRBS). As of June 6 th , 2017, Patent #9,671,824 was issued to TSItouch LLC for the video wall monitor protective glass solution. The TSItouch GRBS provides an alternative solution to bonding cover glass. The GRBS is a cost effective, serviceable, and modular solution that allows… Read More »