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By | August 24, 2021

From MCA with thanks to Sixteen:Nine — older article from fall 2020 but it shows countertop kiosks for orders. Worth noting that Taco Bell announced cantina kiosks at Times Square back in April 2021. This precedes that by 6 months. Nice gallery of pictures.

Automated Restaurant Kiosks ala Taco Bell — Itsu ā€˜store of the futureā€™ in pictures

cashierless restaurant of future

cashierless restaurant of future

In Brief

  • Worth noting that Taco Bell announced cantina kiosks at Times Square back in April 2021
  • This precedes that by 6 months
  • Surprised we never saw any press from Elotouch on these units
  • This restaurant located in the UK/London
  • No cash
  • Sushi
  • The maki and nigiri sushi robots from Japan removes human handling, decrease food wastage and increase the speed of production, with one robot able to make 4,800 pieces in an hour
  • We have asked for update on results and progress and will post that here.


Itsu, the Asian-inspired, healthy fast-food brand, has unveiled its new ā€˜Store of the Futureā€™ concept, which uses robot technology.

The first site opened in Londonā€™s Great Portland Street earlier this month, with more to follow across the UK.

The new store design was re-imagined during lockdown specifically for the post-coronavirus world.

The brainchild of itsu founder Julian Metcalfe OBE, it was designed to limit touchpoints, and any unnecessary contact with dishes and between staff & customers, using ā€˜sushi robotsā€™ and digital ordering technology.

At Great Portland Street, there is a single customer collection point and no front-of-house fridge to reduce multi handling.

The order and pay screens are card only, and enable orders to be placed in under 40 seconds, with customers able to customise hot dishes.

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