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Kiosk Kiosks – Explanation and Definition

Kiosk Kiosks Purpose Statement 2021 For 2021 we have altered our primary signature website title to simply “Kiosk”.  Commonly used as a noun but also as a verb.  Being the informational kiosk portal for the kiosk manufacturing industry means we represent kiosk manufacturers, kiosk enclosures, kiosk software, kiosk devices along with remote monitoring, installation, service, consulting and regulatory… Read More »

NRF VIP Award Candidate Make-A-Wish & Nanonation

See Nanonation candidate at NRF and the VIP Awards Koen’s Farm Ask most seven-year old’s what they would wish for, you are likely to hear a list of dreams for sports stardom, fame, or the latest PlayStation. When Koen, a young boy dealing with a serious raspatory condition, was asked, he instead wished to make the hospital experience… Read More »