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By | November 11, 2021

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Digital Signage Case Study Canada

Westin case study Peerless-AV

Westin case study Peerless-AV

This is to share details about Peerless-AV’s Westin Bear Resort Installation Case Study. With aspirations of becoming the first 5-Star Diamond Westin Hotel, Westin Bear Resort had the idea to create a unique video wall display that would “reimagine the guest experience.”

Peerless-AV assisted Westin Bear Resort in installing an all-encompassing solution in partnership with NovMega Digital Solutions and LG Canada. Despite facing many setbacks like the COVID-19 pandemic, and construction delays, the team was able to successfully exceed the hotel’s expectations and create a visually stunning video wall display that guests will enjoy for years to come.

Here is the peerless-av-westin-compressed


The hotel wanted a flexible solution that would allow their ballroom to be used for golf tournaments and watching sports, as well as a backdrop for various events such as, weddings, corporate meetings, and more. NovMega Digital Solutions, a commercial audio video contractor, was tasked with managing the direct view LED (dvLED) video wall installation. Project planning began in April 2020.

Initially, the design was much smaller, but the hotel opted for a dramatic dvLED video wall system that ran the entire length of the ballroom wall, measuring 63ft (19.2m) wide x 9ft (2.7 m) tall. Implementing a video wall of this scale and magnitude presented many unique challenges. For such a wide wall, structure was a priority. The team ran multiple tests to ensure that the wall could safely hold the combined load of the cabinets and mounting systems.

digital signage solution installation

digital signage solution installation

The COVID-19 pandemic required the team to implement both site and pandemic related safety precautions. The pandemic-related safety precautions, including social distancing guidelines, caused many delays in the hotel’s construction.

Due to these setbacks, final finishes including flooring and lighting were not completed before the installation. Although not recommended, exceptional circumstances and a tight timeline meant this could not be avoided, and the entire team provided extra care and attention to protect the dvLED displays from dust and other harmful construction elements.

The Solution?

Best to read the full case study but here is bottom-line

The video wall is speculated to be the most pixel dense dvLED wall in Canada, totaling over 20 million pixels, and currently the largest indoor dvLED hospitality installation in Canada. Valued at $1 million, the project is a complete success, and LG Canada and Peerless-AV have awarded Raoul Malak and the hotel with a plaque for “dvLED
Hospitality Project of the Year, Canada”.

digital signage installation westin

Click for full size. Very impressive.

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