Drive-Thru Employee Headset Technology

By | October 28, 2022
employee headset

Employee Headset Voice Communication

panasonic connect

panasonic connect

Voice technology is getting better and better, and it needs to. The biggest problem is ambient noise and with audio technology the key phrase is “noise cancellation” especially on microphones. Find out how Attune HD offers the latest wide-band, high-definition voice communication benefitting the entire team.

  • Wide-Band: 4 levels of digital noise reduction (DNR) to cancel ambient noise
  • Electronic Microphone Captures very subtle sounds, including all facets of human voice
  • Remote Connect – Troubleshoot issues and adjust settings from the corporate office to the individual stores.
  • Ergonomic & Sanitary Design – Weighing less than 100g with sanitary rubber pads, not foam
  • Regional Manager Headset – A single headset can be registered up to 32 different stores
  • Organized Operation Tags – Colored tags distinguish each unit by drive-thru lane
  • Panasonic Battery — Long-lasting reliability from the industry leader

Here is the full brochure — Employee Headset

For more information visit the Panasonic Connect website

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panasonic connect

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