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Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. is one of our charter members of the Kiosk Industry Group. A short profile follows.

Frank Mayer and Interactive Kiosks Kiosk Frank Mayer

Interactive kiosks are the gateway to connecting with consumers at retail.  Kiosk experience includes online sales, product demonstrations, consumer behavior tracking, mobile applications, employment and much more.

Founded in 1931, Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. is a third generation, family-owned company based in Grafton, WI. Throughout the years, we have embraced transforming design concepts and ideas into a reality within the in-store merchandising industry.

Today, Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. is a leader in in-store merchandising and is recognized in the point-of-purchase industry for the company’s ability to meet and exceed clients’ expectations.

“In an ever changing marketplace, we are the constant that provides you with a creative, responsive and thorough approach to every in-store merchandising or interactive kiosk program. Our mission is to create an environment which focuses on turning targeted in-store merchandising initiatives into guaranteed results.”

– Michael Mayer, President

Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc
1975 Wisconsin Ave.
Grafton, WI 53024
P: 855-294-2875
F: 262-377-3449

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