Front Desk Reception Kiosk aka Virtual Receptionist

By | October 16, 2022
virtual reception

Live Streaming Receptionist Platform

Noticed that WelcomeWare was showing at the MGMA conference. MGMA is right behind HIMSS when it comes to healthcare tradeshows.

virtual receptionist

virtual receptionist

From Richard Wollboldt — Interacting with our WelcomeWare kiosk at MGMA Leaders Conference. I love speaking to healthcare leaders on innovative ideas that will improve healthcare for all. What an exciting industry!


Frank Olea with Olea Kiosks — With labor shortages everywhere the WelcomeWare application is perfect for all sorts of Industries. I jumped on the opportunity to work with WelcomeWare because I believe the solution is a rock-solid way to keep companies serving their customer base with high-quality live service.

About WelcomeWare

WelcomeWare is a customer service company that provides businesses with an integrated web-based platform that harnesses people, software, and hardware to deliver an all-in-one check-in, reception and customer service solution.

Our platform allows businesses to address work-from-home challenges while reducing costs and improving the overall customer experience.
WelcomeWare is a business unit of Civicom Inc. Founded in 2000, Civicom has evolved into a global business and technology solutions provider for a variety of industries. Civicom services include audio and web conferencing, voice-to-CRM, global marketing research facilitation, transcription services, and overseas satellite workforce operations that serve US companies.


Here is a look at how the “virtual receptionist” works

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