Hotel Check-In Kiosks HITEC

By | June 22, 2022
Hotel Check-In Kiosk NEC

Hotel Check-In Kiosks HITEC

hotel check-in kiosk

hotel check-in kiosk

We’re thrilled to debut our Smart Check-In kiosk in partnership with  at #HITEC. Smart Check-In streamlines the check-in and check-out process for hotel guests, so they can spend less time waiting in line and more time enjoying their destination.

If you’re going to HITEC, visit KIOSK Sales Director Joe Sawicki and VP of Product Jeremy DuPont at Booth no. 2630, and try out the Smart Check-In solution in person!  Learn more about hotel check-in solutions:

For more information or to schedule a demo at the show email [email protected]

Technology to Automate Guest Services

The US is suffering from a substantial labor shortage, and the hotel industry has been hit particularly hard. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that this sector has about 300,000 fewer workers than pre-pandemic.

By implementing self check-in, hotels can provide necessary guest services regardless of staffing challenges. Even at a fully staffed hotel, guests may experience frustratingly long wait times at peak check-in and check-out hours. Kiosks give guests the option for quick and contactless hotel check-in and reduce wait times for guests who prefer to check in with a hotel-desk agent.

How Do Guests Use a Kiosk Check-in System?

An Intuitive, easy-to-use automated interface that walks the guest through the check-in / check out process Supports loyalty programs through PMS

  • Guest can choose language of choice for easy instruction
  • Identification authentication and verification through AI and Passport/ID scanner for added security
  • Accept Credit Card payments, including modern payment methods with integrated payment terminal
  • Guest receives room number and encoded key card
  • Seamlessly checks guest out, providing the guest with a detailed bill through print, email or SMS

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