In The Wild — New Lowes SCO + Dunkin Donuts Needs to drink more coffee

By | July 13, 2023

In the Wild This Week – Lowes & Dunkin Donuts

And oh what a wild week it has been.  Started with me testing out the sprinkler system here in Colorado and blowing a head.  Next thing I know I’m in Lowes and failing to find a checkout lane open with a person (middle of the weekday) I went to self-checkout.

Lowes has a six pod system. It used to be by NCR but not anymore. UTC Retail out of New York. Makes us think of Optimal Robotics out of NY getting bought by NCR way back when. Fast forward twenty years and now NCR is being replaced by NY company. Speaking of NCR you can see there current SCO used here — Amazon Self Checkout & Amazon DropOff – Whole Foods — it’s the “suitcase” configuration and we had quite a few questions on accessibility which NCR promised to answer, but never did. Too busy restructuring maybe.

Next stop for us is Home Depot. We had Francie Mendelsohn write us a review of the self-checkout there and it has been a popular article.

Lowes SCO

Lowes SCO  – one of five. Note the sprinkler parts

lowes sco

They also have cash option with Glory S15


More In The Wild

And then we have Dunkin Donuts. Apparently their menu board CMS doesn’t have the option of displaying in-stock and NOT displaying out-of-stock. So the employees print sticky labels and then put them directly on the screen.  Being Inspire you have to wonder how many other restaurants have this same “lack of capability”.

Just when you think you have seen it all.  Shout out to Dave Haynes and Sixteen-Nine for seeing this.

dunkin donuts menu board

Click for full size — dunkin donuts menu board

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