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By | December 5, 2023
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The Future of Self-Service: Balancing Technology with Human Touch

Olea Kiosks® November 2023

The Future of Self-Service:

Balancing Technology with Human Touch

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We see the need for a fresh perspective on self-service. It’s no longer just about automating processes; it’s about striking a delicate balance between technological efficiency and the irreplaceable value of the human touch.

How well businesses implement self-service kiosks will determine the winners and losers. Click here to read more.

Olea’s Self-Checkout Kiosk in Mile High Stadium

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Olea’s self-checkout kiosks can be seen at several stadiums this fall including Empower Field at Mile High Stadium.  Self-checkout kiosks transform the game-day experience, allowing fans to savor the thrilling moments of the game instead of reminiscing about the long, tedious lines they endured.

You can read more about this deployment from Stadium Tech Report.

If you have a project you want to speak to us about, call us at 800.927.8063 or you can email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

About Olea Kiosks

Olea Kiosks is a self-service kiosk solution provider for various industries such as government, healthcare, hospitality, travel, and entertainment. They offer both standard and custom kiosk designs that redefine self-service1. Their kiosks are designed, engineered, and manufactured in-house to fit the specific requirements of their clients. They offer purpose-built kiosk models with 4 to 8 weeks production time, which is the most cost-effective option. They also provide OEM services for large-scale deployments1. Olea Kiosks has been in the kiosk design and manufacturing industry for over 40 years.

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