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Walmart Self-Checkout Being Replaced? NCR Toast?

Self-Checkout at Walmart Update March 2024 The computer vision checkout fixture has been installed in my local Sam’s Club in Springdale, Arkansas. The device has not been activated yet, but it looks to be close to being operational. Awesome!  Thanks to Scott Benedict Affiliate Partner at McMillanDoolittle!   Interesting is 2006 Video by IBM [Thanks Zac at Nanonation!)  … Read More »

Grocery Store Self-Checkout & Accessibility

Disabled Shoppers Struggle With Inaccessible Self-Checkouts Dec 1, 2022 – New article from Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on inaccessible self-checkouts. Blind people, wheelchair users and others say the design of typical self-service machines prevents them from shopping independently. By Katie Deighton — we continue to see major media taking the “increase our viewership” tactic by less than accurate… Read More »

Self-Checkout Is Not a Failed Experiment

Self-Checkout Is NOT a Failed Experiment Editors Note 12/25 – be sure and visit our page on Walmart Self-Checkout.  Latest RFID cart checkout similiar to Wegmans being tested. A commentary by Craig Keefner — Periodically, a “burst” of editorial articles blasting self-checkout appears in the news. We are coming up on Christmas, so no big surprise.  Generally, the… Read More »

Self-Service Kiosks – Doing It Right

The Future of Self-Service: Balancing Technology with Human Touch Olea Kiosks® November 2023 The Future of Self-Service: Balancing Technology with Human Touch We see the need for a fresh perspective on self-service. It’s no longer just about automating processes; it’s about striking a delicate balance between technological efficiency and the irreplaceable value of the human touch. How well… Read More »

How Popular is Self-Checkout at Supermarkets

Self-Checkout or Not to Self-Checkout? CNN ran an article on “Nobody likes self-checkout”. It made some good points albeit short on any backfill data to support. It hinged on study by an academic and built a negative narrative around that. Covering it ss the only way to make our own balanced viewpoint more balanced. The premise “nobody likes”… Read More »

Home Depot Self Checkout Kiosks Review – Francie Mendelsohn

Home Depot Bill Pay Kiosks reviewed by Francie Mendelsohn Every so often, industry veteran Francie Mendelsohn tests kiosks that she previously evaluated several years ago to see if they are still useful, operational and, most-importantly—enjoying popularity among the establishment’s customers.  This time, she paid a return visit to Home Depot. Years after initially installing self-checkout kiosks, Home Depot… Read More »

Self-Checkout Kiosk Design – Pyramid Computer Award for NANO

Self-Checkout Kiosk Design News Pyramid Computer has received the Good Design Award for its new Polytouch® NANO self-checkout terminal. The GDA has been awarded by the Chicago Athenaeum since 1950 and is one of the most prestigious awards for industrial and product design. From Pyramid. For more information email [email protected] and we can arrange intro. To be eligible for one of the… Read More »

Self-Checkout Kiosks by FEC

We welcome our latest Gold sponsor, FEC. Four sizes & resolutions to fulfill different needs Standalone, Desktop or Wall-mount Expand your in-store aisles or your menu board to expand sales Device flexibility to expand kiosk capabilities Windows or Android Contact information ​Mark Buenaventura FEC USA 41668 Christy St. Fremont, CA 94538 Tel: 510-683-9188 About FEC FEC… Read More »

Self-Checkout Kiosk for Grocery Stores Planned Rollout Huck’s

Self-Checkout Kiosk News – Ingenico From CSP Daily news Skips Checkout kiosks announces new deployment checkout deal with Hucks. In Brief relatively young company Skip Started as “pay with your mobile phone” app Venmo and Paypal original support They don’t identify the exact version. There are rendering/simulations of grocery checkout and also countertop Includes an Ingenico ISMP4 mobile… Read More »