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By | September 27, 2015

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Recently the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo was held in Los Angeles. We have some pictures of the show but also a quick interview with David Ellerstein, CEO of Jane, one of the leading cannabis compliance companies today.

Here is his feedback on the show.

  •   What was your overall impression of the show?

To date, the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo in Los Angeles was the best show we have attended. It was a well-planned show by the folks at CWCBE, with constant Exhibit Hall flow and very informative speakers. The attendees were comprised of a diverse group across all business segments and demonstrated real business acumen and sophistication, which to me further signals the maturing of the industry.

  •   What was the biggest trend or hot topic being discussed?

The hottest topic being discussed was the just announced wide-ranging proposals for the regulating of the California medical marijuana industry. This will pave the way for California voters to legalize the recreational use of marijuana during the 2016 elections. California has long been characterized as the “Wild West” of cannabis, so this legalization and legitimization of the business and industry was needed and will generate hundreds of millions or more in tax revenues for the state.

Regulation Issues For Marijuana Cannabis

For More Information

  • Vinnie Fiordelisi, Sr. Director, Corporate Communications and Public Relations, (954) 873-4954, [email protected]
  • CWCB Expo – link – Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo
  • Jane – Compliance You Can Bank One

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