Olea Kiosks 2023 – Why Olea Kiosks May Be Your Ideal Kiosk Partner

By | May 9, 2023
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Olea Kiosks 2023 Commentary Daniel Olea

Daniel Olea

Daniel Olea

Nice “pre-summer” update by Daniel Olea of Olea Kiosks.

Later this summer we will outfit three additional NFL Stadiums with Olea Kiosks. Our small business is starting to become not very small at all – and I attribute it to three factors:

1) We’ve focused extremely hard on rightsizing our value to our customers

We’re not the least expensive. But we provide the most value per dollar spent. For example, onsite deployment times with Olea are significantly faster (weeks faster) than with other options, saving a ton of money in onsite labor costs and project management.

2) We’ve specialized our team

Every single customer has a salesperson focused on helping them win business, and a project manager to keep their projects humming. We’ve been running this service for a couple years now and it has only gotten better for our customers. Plus, we don’t charge for it. This is our investment in the partnership.

3) We’ve been selective with who we onboard

Olea doesn’t have thousands of customers, we have dozens. We find the groups we can do the most for and focus our energy on making those relationships count. This largely prevents us from overloading our team, so they have the bandwidth to provide great service to our customers (and get to go home on time). We all win as a result.

We aren’t perfect, but we have a village of people that put their best foot forward every day. We are grateful to those of you who continue to trust our family business.

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