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Clover POS – Restaurant Kiosk ROI – Three Examples

Restaurant Kiosk ROI with Clover POS Restaurant Kiosk ROI review of three different restaurant kiosk deployments and the return on investment numbers (and dollars) including cost savings. For full article and study click here. Summary Self-ordering kiosks in restaurants: This is a white paper that analyzes the financial benefits of using self-ordering kiosks in three different types of… Read More »

POS Clover Kiosk ROI

POS Clover Order Kiosk ROI POS Clover case study on customer order kiosks’ positive impact on a relatively small retail shop. Most of us like to think in terms of 14,000 kiosks at Mcdonald’s and relegate small businesses to the footnotes.  It’s a challenge aggregating tens of thousands of SMBs literally and dealing with an overall number literally… Read More »

Why kiosks order terminals are necessity for restaurants

Order Terminals & Samsung Kiosk We’ve covered the Samsung kiosks for Grubbrr and for Clover. Great unit (though we wish accessibility & Windows OS options). This article is by Samsung and they do a good “typical” benefits overview for self order terminals. Leads off with an emphasis on labor shortages. Bingo.  But another aspect of these order terminals… Read More »

Samsung Kiosk – All-In-One Self-Service Solution for Retailers

Samsung Kiosk ROI From Samsung Nice writeup on the benefits and features of the Samsung kiosk for self-order and restaurants. For more information you can email [email protected] Published Nov 8, 2021By: Davina van Buren 6 ways Samsung Kiosk gives retailers an all-in-one self-service solution from Samsung Business USA Self-service retail solutions have been gaining popularity for years, and COVID-19… Read More »

Clover Kiosk by Samsung & Nanonation

Clover Kiosk by Samsung+Nanonation New entry in the McDonalds kiosk field. Interesting too since not only does Nanonation provide self-order platform, they also provide robust digital signage and menuing software. From the Nanonation website Samsung’s state-of-the-art kiosk platform combined with Nanonation’s content and application management tools is a win-win for any business The Samsung Kiosk platform is a… Read More »

Samsung Kiosk News — All-In-One Kiosk with Contactless

Samsung’s all-inclusive Kiosk available in 12 countries worldwide In Brief (well, maybe not so brief…) Writeup on LinkedIn Highlighted – contactless ordering and payment (applepay samsungpay) 24″ Inch touchscreen (apparently you touch the screen) First time we’ve seen power consumption used as a benefit First we have seen UL-certified antimicrobial and not impressed (Zinc pyrithione aka Head and… Read More »

Samsung Kiosk Restaurants – GRUBBRR Rolling out – Case Study

GRUBBRR Rolling out Samsung Kiosk Update 3/4/2023 — Restaurant Spaces mostly reiterated all the same data points and added some ad hoc comments from Goodhew + a nice video of Goodhew speaking to audience. Notes below. GRUBBRR, an industry-leading provider of self-ordering technologies that are revolutionizing the way that commerce is transacted, announced today that it will be… Read More »

Samsung Kiosk Goes Windows – NRF 2023

Samsung Kiosk Windows NRF 2023 News Samsung visualizes the future of connected retail with updates to its display technology including the NEW Samsung Kiosk Windows 10 IoT Enterprise edition — Press Release — This has been expected since the original came out with the Tizen unit which is the essential media player for Samsung displays. You can see… Read More »

Stripe For Kiosks – Samsung Kiosk by Intuiface

Samsung Kiosk Demo Stripe Integration From Intuiface March 2022 In-person payment, once the biggest challenge for kiosk applications, is now a plug-and-play addition for Stripe, one of the industry’s most respected payment solution providers. Intuiface is excited to announce a no-code integration for Stripe-mediated payments on self-service kiosks. This integration, the first of its kind for Stripe, means… Read More »

Samsung Kiosk New Partner Applova

Samsung Kiosk New Partner Applova Samsung adds another integration/software partner to its QSR kiosk ecosystem. Rolling Stone pizza is the front page brag for Applova. Integrated with clover, Square, Go Daddy, power, Toast, NCR Aloha and Oracle micros. Applova also uses the Elotouch countertop it looks like (or did). Hard to say which OS for ELO but the… Read More »

Samsung Connected Pop-Up Kiosk

Nexshop Connected Pop-Up Kiosk Samsung debuted a concept for connected pop-ups at NRF 2019 and here is some information regarding that concept. The Next Big Thing: The Internet of Things (IoT)   • Everything from enterprise systems to PCs to mobile devices to all types of digital devices can now connect to the Internet. • Over the next five… Read More »