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By | July 6, 2024
Ultra Slim dimension drawings LCD

Ultra Slim Wayfinding Touchscreen Wallmount

You’ve seen many of the large-format touchscreen Wayfinding directory solutions mounted on walls. You are finding your way to a transit station, airport, or maybe an outdoor shopping center. Several members provide award-winning hardware and software for those situations (see resources below). Outdoors can get a bit problematic.

[quick shortcut past all the commentary – visit EKAA.net for ultra slim. Talk to Pearl]

But many times, digital signage or interactive digital media escapes the scrutiny of accessibility. You will mostly hear about physical reach on kiosks, or you might hear about WCAG on websites. POS has its own non-definition despite the definition. We wish they were more important than people like to say. We wish they were enforced more.

On a visit to Colombia (Republic of), I drove from the airport. The people told me it was a 10-lane highway. Sure enough, it was. But (you knew that was coming). The problem was that the highways there had no lanes marked. Imagine that. Total chaos in every direction. Small details were left out for me.

Digital signage or interactive digital (PLEASE do not say interactive digital signage) has parameters for accessibility. Smart city terminals do (not everybody has a mobile). Digging through all the regulations can be exhausting, so we sliced and diced the specific “Wallmount ADA” help article. The critical metric is 4″ from the wall, not to be exceeded. (101.6 mm for those who prefer metric).  Otherwise, I think people in wheelchairs or blind people with canes or dogs will hit it at some point.

We decided to find one.

Having over 42 years under my belt in product procurement with connections worldwide and 10,000 connections on Linkedin,  it seemed like a reasonable endeavor and one with a high probability of success.  “Hey X, I need a 32 or 55-inch display or touchscreen for use on a wall. 4″ is the main limitation. I’ll pay for paper thin.”  Seemed like a reasonable request.


After a while, I had some of my Chinese companies offer to make one, or maybe they had one. A couple had ones that were pretty slim, but after mounting, they would exceed 4″.

A couple of companies said they could, but upon request, they were silent.

It took a couple of weeks, but finally, my APAC group came through for me.  Pearl at EKAA told me about a new product they just released. As mounted easily under 101mm.  The new one as mounted is 6.9 cm (without wall mount 57mm).

4000 of them shipped already (which is proof there are real). KFC I think and some other non-disclosed.  The 32 and 55 pdfs are down below.

A few days later a second iteration and this time 51 mm. Wow

The usual questions for me are:

  • who do you use for glass
  • how long is warranty
  • can i get it with or without touchscreen
  • which touchscreen controller are you using (PCAP and IR)
  • Estimate shipping cost to LA — boat and plane

The glass is easy and it is almost always the same:  BOE, LG, or AUO. We can do Samsung too.

Outdoor LCD by EKAA

Everybody knows Pearl at EKAA

Everybody knows Pearl at EKAA

In the drive-thru project of the restaurant, customers who drive directly into the driveway check the menu on the LCD display and order meals to the employee (or AI) through the intercom system machine. After the outbreak of COVID-19, the advantage of “drive-thru” became particularly prominent. The demand for drive-thru digital menu boards since then has risen rapidly. This service not only saves customers the trouble of getting on and off the car but also saves customers from finding parking spaces and times. It could also reduce the risk of contracting the virus from contact with other customers when customers take meals.

We have realized an outdoor Display with a design that Is ultralight and slim, 4000 nits high brightness, high-temperature resistance, waterproof IP67, and Free maintenance. The new technology we adopted makes the effect displayed on the screen very bright. We have provided this product for many projects, including KFC, street light pole, drive-thru, outdoor gym, and so on. We hope we can support your business.


Outdoor LCD Pricing

to be provided.

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