Amazon Digital Signage In-Store Advertising Concept (AI assist)

By | June 3, 2022


Ongoing saga of Amazon in-store advertising this time Grab and Go. Interesting how it works and doesn’t work in iteration like Whole Foods. More and more stores pushing own less expensive brand over suppliers they carry. How does S2992 bill play with this?

Interview with Alfi, who provides AI-generated in-store advertising.  The RCE article leads with Amazon presumably selling ad placements in physical stores — smart shopping carts, checkout booths and digital smokescreens on refrigerator doors.  Write up from Retail Customer Experience

Amazon In-Store Advertising in Physical Stores

Interview with Alfi CEO in which he makes the case for AI-managed advertising in the new “Just Walk Out” iterations that Amazon continues to rollout and other grocers for that matter.  Seems to indicate it is coming but we could not locate any current specific Amazon news relating to in-store advertising.

In March it was reported via a leaked document. ModernRetail reported on that.

In Brief

  • Alfi thinks it is the right time (and they are best vendor)
  • Amazon Opens First Clothing Store
  • Just Walk Out or Grab and Go is big strategy
  • intelligent screen identifies audiences and serves calculated messages for more valuable experience
  • Detect physical characteristics, such as age, gender, clothing choices, etc.
  • No mention of current retail placements such as Whole Foods.  In-store advertising might be detrimental to Amazon brands?
  • We wonder how something like S2992 impacts campaigns like this.


Alfi is an AI enterprise SaaS platform. Its computer vision with machine learning technology identifies humans and their behaviors and provides real-time metrics to allow content publishers and brands to deliver interactive information in a privacy-compliant manner. Alfi aids in the measurement of DOOH advertising via data-rich reporting functionality that informs the advertiser that someone viewed their ad, how many people viewed the ad, as well as each viewer’s reaction to the ad.

You can find Alfi’s technology in digital displays in retail, airports and rideshare settings around the world, such as AI-enabled kiosks in Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport and in rideshare services in 16 major U.S. cities. Alfi has incorporated its platform to enhance 22Miles‘ content management platform and is currently running pilot projects with Hammersmith Mall and Belfast International Airport.

Alfi’s technology can also be licensed to media companies looking for offerings to integrate into their digital screens. Its software turns a digital display into an intelligent screen that can identify audiences and serve the right messages to make their experience more valuable and effective.


  • Feb2019 this was a subject for retail touchpoints
  • Modern Retail and Sixteen:Nine covered and detailed in March 2022
  • Original article for RCE on digitalsignagetoday posted April 15th, 2022
  • Alfi Partners with 22Miles Feb 2022 for wayfinding solutions
  • Excerpt Modern Retail — Put together, here’s what we know so far:
    • Amazon is planning on selling ad placements on digital signage its physical grocery stores beginning in the second quarter of this year, per a document leaked to Business Insider.
    • Additionally, the company is reportedly thinking of expanding the inventory to other parts of the shopping experience including smart shopping carts, checkout booths and digital smokescreens on refrigerator doors.
    • A big part of Amazon’s pitch is its data: People with knowledge of the program told me that Amazon’s touted metrics it’s offering to brands include ad play count, estimated impressions, impressions by geography as well as tracked ASIN sales data.
    • It is currently only available to select brands that are already stocked in the stores with fresh ASINs available.

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