Revolutionizing User Session Security in an AI-Driven World

By | May 10, 2024
Facelock AI for kiosks

The Future of User Session Security with FaceLock™ in Our Spring Newsletter!

FaceLock AI will be a significant part of the City of Santa Rosa and the CO projects

We’re excited to share the latest advancements transforming self-service technology. We invite you to explore these feature highlights of our Spring 2024 Newsletter — the introduction of FaceLock™, a cutting-edge security enhancement to our Zamok Kiosk Management Software and Kiosk FormFlow.

FaceLock utilizes sophisticated facial detection technology to enhance the security and efficiency of user sessions at kiosks. This cutting-edge technology ensures that all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is immediately erased once your session ends, safeguarding your privacy and aligning with the highest AI ethics standards.

Inside the Newsletter:

  • Detailed Insight into FaceLock: Understand the technology behind FaceLock and how it secures user data and improves operational efficiency.
  • Benefits for Your Business: Discover how FaceLock can reduce liability, enhance customer trust, and streamline operations.
  • Customer Stories and Feedback: Read about how businesses like yours are already benefiting from FaceLock.

Kiosk FormFlow: Simplifying Complex Processes
This feature optimizes the design and sequence of forms, ensuring a smooth, intuitive journey from start to finish. It makes complex form completion simple, minimizes errors and enhances user satisfaction with instructions and step-by-step processes. No more handwritten forms! Receive your legal PDF typed out as an email attachment.

Our goal is to provide you with innovative solutions that meet your needs and anticipate future challenges in the digital landscape. This newsletter edition is packed with information to keep you informed and one step ahead.

Click here to read the full newsletter.

We appreciate your continued support and interest in Advanced Kiosks. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us at 603-865-1000.

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