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Frank Mayer March 2018 Blog – Virtual Reality and Other Tools

Design Capabilities for the POP Industry How using the latest innovative software and products can save clients time and expense As the Creative Director at Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc., a big perk of my job is staying immersed in the tech world and discovering the latest software and products developing at rapid speed. With an unending catalog… Read More »

AR and VR Kiosk Coming to a Kiosk Near You

Although still in their relative infancy, augmented reality and virtual reality technologies promise to greatly expand the types of screen-based applications in the marketplace. By Richard Slawsky contributor A new dimension is about to be added to the world of customer-facing screens. Retailers and other businesses are working to incorporate augmented reality and virtual reality to change the… Read More »

Just How Big Is The Virtual Reality Market And Where Is It Going Next?

2016 was a pivotal year for VR but how big is the industry right now? Here are some figures that show who shipped what…but that’s not the fina


There are currently two main categories of VR currently available: mobile (Samsung/Google) and PC (Oculus). Facebook believes there is another space in the middle of the spectrum and is working on a cheaper device. Intel is also working a headset called Project Alloy.