Corrections – ACA Trade Show Wrap


ACA Corrections Association

The American Correctional Association (ACA) just held their convention at Indianapolis August  14th.  The correctional industry is led by a couple of large companies such as GTL, Securus, Telmate and Keefe Commissary to name some.  Prison inmate video visitation, booking kiosks, medical care (via ACA), education, family deposits, email and entertainment are just some of the channels and all driven by revenue sharing and more.

Recently the corrections industry was in the news with new micropayment options put in by JPAY. See related post.

We checked in with some of our connections to find out what the news was.

“Secure tablets for education and visitation were announced. The Android-based tablets come configured much like Google For Education and Chromebooks for students. As inmates complete courses, they earn credits which can then be redeemed.”


From financial attendees — A couple of big takeaways –

o Industry consolidation on kiosk side.  GTL and Securus have purchased many of the deployers.    Only Keefe and Telmate seem to be the remaining players.

o Only three booths actually showing kiosks – Keefe, Telmate, and GTL. 

o Much consolidation on the vendor side too.   KIS appears to have much of this business.  And, very very high market share for Crane on bill validators – mainly SC but some SM too.