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Cash Kiosks — Innovative Technology Americas, Inc. joins KMA

KMA is a global, cause-based, not-for-profit organization focused on better self-service for customers and employees through kiosks and information technology (IT). The kiosk industry association leads efforts to optimize self-service engagements using information technology. Membership is made up of representatives from the self-service industry who are interested in establishing and following common guidelines on accessibility.

Rebecca White, VP Sales & Business Development for Innovative Technology Americas said, “2020 is set to be an exciting year for us in the US and surrounding territories with lots of opportunities in the pipeline especially in the retail market. I am delighted to announce that we have become a premium member of the Kiosk Manufacturer Association (KMA) which will help us capitalize on these opportunities within the self-service and kiosk industry.”

Innovative Technology The US arm of Innovative Technology has joined the Kiosk Manufacturer Association (KMA) as a premium member.

Rebecca continued, “KMA Membership opportunities include networking with kiosk manufacturers and software providers as well as access to; member resources such as market research and trends, regulatory guidelines as published by the government and technology solutions such as AI and biometrics.

Most importantly, together with other members, we will support an industry-led association which promotes the industry on an objective basis.”

Concluding Rebecca commented, “Our retail, kiosk and self-service offering is continually expanding, and we have developed many new products with our Spectral Technology designed specifically for this market. Our core business is all about automating transactions in the most business efficient and cost-effective way.

Our suite of highly secure cash validation, recycling and smart safe products offer numerous advantages such as, fast bulk note processing speeds, multi-denomination recycling and reduction in overall operation costs. We are particularly excited about our new ICU Age Verification and Facial Recognition device which can helps users manage the sale of age restricted goods to ensure compliance, plus intelligent AI algorithms can identify faces to control access. ICU does not require pre-registration or human intervention and quickly and accurately predicts age and identifies faces so is ideal for automated self-service and kiosk markets.

Joining the KMA will give us the opportunity to network with key organizations within the industry and therefore introduce our new retail and kiosk portfolio to this growing hi-tech market. “

About Innovative Technology

Rebecca Brierley​
Marketing Assistant
Innovative Technology Limited
Innovative Business Park
Derker Street
T: +44 161 626 9999


About KMA

For more information about the KMA visit their website:

Glory CASHINFINITY Retail Video

Retail Video Cash Management Benefits

Reduce the time and cost of managing cash in your store with CASHINFINITY™

Automate cash payment at the point of sale to

  • Improve the Customer Experience
  • Reduce Staff Stress
  • Enhance Security and Eliminate Shrinkage
  • Accelerate Start and End of Day Reconciliation
  • Reduce the Cost To Your Business

More Information

Compact Cash Recycling System CI-10

Compact cash recycling system CI-10 which consists of banknote recycler CI-10B and coin recycler CI-10C can be adapted to various markets; vertical market (bakery, shop, etc), supermarket, hypermarket. CI-10 integrated into the existing POS system enables cash handling automated, improves security, staff productivity, customer service and fund efficiency. CI-10 is designed straight lines stylishly so that it can be integrated into cash desk/self checkout easily. “Follow me” LED sign helps customer to operate by himself comfortably. If cash recycling system CI-100 is placed, CI-10 and CI-100 offers secure closed cash management.


CI-10 awarded with the “red dot award: product design 2012”

CI-10 awarded with the “red dot award: product design 2012”

Its award, the red dot, is the distinctive quality seal for aesthetic forms, moving trends and designers with a strong sense of responsibility.

Exit shutter

Exit shutter

Avoids handing over partial change to a customer in case of incomplete dispense due to jamming/inventory issues.

Secure closed cash management with the CI-100

Secure closed cash management with the CI-100

Interface cassette of the CI-10 makes secure closed cash management possible with CI-100.

Collection through outlet

Collection through outlet

Allows for nonstop coin collection into the bag/tray.

Reject foreign object

Reject foreign object

Enables nonstop counting and reduces jam trouble rate.
* There are limits to the size and shape of foreign objects which can be removed.

Stylish design <iframe width=and a full stop after sign” width=”130″ height=”130″ />

Stylish design and a full stop after sign

Easy integration into cash desks / self-checkouts and easy operation for any customer

Slide extension unit

Slide extension unit

Makes integration into various cash desks easier. Its height is adjustable.

Free layout of recycle module

Free layout of recycle module

Can assign frequently used denominations to multiple recycle modules.

Error Recovery Animation

Error Recovery Animation

If an error occurs, the POS screen show a troubleshooting animation to resolve the problem.

CI-SERVER, Cash management software

CI-SERVER, Cash management software

The CI-SERVER which can be operated via a web browser offers centralized cash management.

Do cashless restaurants discriminate against the poor? D.C. lawmakers think so.

Do cashless restaurants discriminate against the poor?Cashless Restaurants

Fast-casual places are ditching cash for safety and efficiency. Critics say this shuts out poor people, some immigrants and those who just prefer cash.


The global cashless movement has reached Washington, where a growing number of fast-casual establishments and other spots are saying no to greenbacks in favor of plastic and mobile payments. Sweetgreen, the national salad chain founded by Georgetown University graduates, went cashless in most of its locations last year. Other cashless spots include a Menchie’s frozen-yogurt shop downtown, the posh Barcelona Wine Bar on 14th Street NW and the Bruery beer store at Union Market.

Soon, they may be breaking the law.

The decision to go cashless also has broader implications in the global battle between the credit-card and ATM industries.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Visa has been a major booster of the cashless movement. The credit card company in March awarded 50 businesses $10,000 each for rejecting cash payments and has released reports touting the benefits of a cashless society.

Comments: This will be a very interesting fight over the next decade.  Governments obviously want no cash, as an all electronic economy means every transaction everywhere is known to it.

The push back due to the unbanked was quite predictable.  However, when you see a country like India has gone cashless in many spots — well, if they can figure out how to do it, we should be able to figure out how to do it.  I believe even poor countries in Africa have large cashless segments now.

This really is not a battle of if, but rather when.

RDM Releases New Single-Feed Network Check Scanners

Check Scanner Ethernet
RDM Check Scanner Ethernet

RDM Corporation (TSX:RC), a leading provider of specialized hardware and software solutions for electronic payment processing, announced that it is now shipping its new EC9600i single feed (SF) network check scanner models. The new EC9600i SF models are an extension of the family of EC9600i auto-feed (AF) network scanners introduced last year.


New networked check scanners make it easy for thin client and other devices to access networked scanner. Checks are up to 20% of transactions?


RDM’s EC9600i series network scanners simplify the check scanning process through RDM’s “one-touch” setup. Unique to the EC9600i scanner family, embedded software and industry standard networking protocol enable users to easily access the scanners securely over a network using their PCs, MACs, mobile devices or payment terminals, regardless of the operating system or browser and without additional hardware. The EC9600i scanners also work seamlessly in Citrix and other thin client environments.

Swedish central bank calls halt on moves to a cashless economy

Cashless society

While other central banks ruminate on ways to replace cash with digital currencies, Sweden’s Riksbank is kicking against the grain with calls fo


Signed by Stefan Ingves, the Riksbank Governor, the letter states that the banks have reduced their cash handling services too fast, resulting in a lack of cash services in less populated areas in particular, but for the public in general.

Mike Lee, CEO of the ATMIA, says: “This is a victory for common sense and for the future balance of the Swedish consumer economy and I’d like to congratulate the Swedish Riksbank for seeing through the mirage of anti-cash propaganda in the media to reveal the basic economic right of free citizens to choose their own payment methods at all times, whether cash or digital.”

NRF 2016 Retail Kiosk Gallery

NRF 2016 Retail Kiosk Gallery

Pictures of units that we took as we toured NRF in NY for 2016. The coolest demo was Diebold actually.

Smart Safe Case Study

ArmorSafe and OptConnect Case Study


The idea most people begin within they think they need to get a safe is to protect against external theft. Increasingly the threat is actually also internal theft.

The hallmark of a smart safe is the inclusion of bill validators which count and validate that the currency is in fact good. The safe will sign a date timestamp to the transaction keeping track of which employee deposited the money and when they did

Basically eliminates the opportunity for internal cash theft.

Getting your data is as important as a safe itself working.

Using ArmorSafe with the OptConnect modem is just beautiful synergy.

Even over a wired network there’s still room for concern about running that cat5 cable from the safe and over to the router onsite.

The OptConnect plugs into the safe and then it creates its own cellular data network that is secure.

Physically owning a smart save tells somebody you are intelligently managing your cash.  You’re making it hard for the criminal to be a criminal.

So with Optconnect its more than just a supplier it is a partnership.

Contact OptConnect for more information.

ARCA Announces End-to-end Cash Automation Solutions for Retailers At NRF Retail’s BIG Show 2016

MEBANE, N.C., Jan. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — ARCA, a global leader in the development of cash automation technology for banks, retail locations and self-service kiosks, today announced that it will demonstrate a three-level cash management approach at the NRF’s Annual Convention & EXPO, the United State’s premiere event for retail innovation, to be held January 17 – 20, in New York City.


NRF’s Big Show 2016 focuses on the latest retail technology and trends. Cash handling has been identified as one of the major problems for retailers all around the world.  ARCA’s retail product range features a wide selection of hardware and software that adapts to various store formats and different retail needs.

  • A till-side cash deposit system is available for immediately securing high-value notes at checkout.
  • Mid-size smart safes allow retailers already benefiting from CIT pickups to obtain cash automation efficiency without changing their whole process.
  • Combined cash deposit/recycling solutions are convenient for operational cost reductions and cash management efficiency with an integrated cash recycling function that improves till float efficiency.

Whitepaper – How Safe is your Smart Safe?

How Safe is your Smart Safe?

Optconnect Chris Baird
Chris Baird – Executive Vice President at OptConnect

OptConnect offers machine to machine wireless service for Smart Safes, ATMs, Kiosks, Digital Signage, Facility Management, and many other industry sectors. Rather than simply providing hardware or network service, OptConnect offers a completely managed service designed to make your data connection simple and reliable.

Anyone used to dealing with a large amount of cash knows hard currency can save a lot of money in purchase transaction fees and other expenditures. Having cash on hand can also create a number of additional problems. While credit card transactions are automatically authorized, processed and deposited, those handling paper payments must deal with counterfeit currency, and a stack of bills and change waiting to be taken to the bank.

Fortunately, technology has finally seen fit to help alleviate some of these cash difficulties through the introduction of the smart safe or intelligent safe.


Interesting Smart Safe Links

  • Smart Super Safe by Brinks maybe not so safe? Link
  • Tidel Introduces Smart Safe – link
  • American Banker – Smart safes equal new market – link
  • Dunbar Armored Safes – link

About OptConnect


OptConnect is North America’s leading provider of managed service wireless connectivity for ATMs, Kiosks, Digital Signage and other custom applications. OptConnect revolutionizes the way machines communicate, providing for fast and secure connectivity, cost savings, and greater reliability. OptConnect offers end-to-end managed service providing customers with the greatest level of service and uptime.

Corrections – ACA Trade Show Wrap

ACA Corrections Association

The American Correctional Association (ACA) just held their convention at Indianapolis August  14th.  The correctional industry is led by a couple of large companies such as GTL, Securus, Telmate and Keefe Commissary to name some.  Prison inmate video visitation, booking kiosks, medical care (via ACA), education, family deposits, email and entertainment are just some of the channels and all driven by revenue sharing and more.

Recently the corrections industry was in the news with new micropayment options put in by JPAY. See related post.

We checked in with some of our connections to find out what the news was.

“Secure tablets for education and visitation were announced. The Android-based tablets come configured much like Google For Education and Chromebooks for students. As inmates complete courses, they earn credits which can then be redeemed.”


From financial attendees — A couple of big takeaways –

o Industry consolidation on kiosk side.  GTL and Securus have purchased many of the deployers.    Only Keefe and Telmate seem to be the remaining players.

o Only three booths actually showing kiosks – Keefe, Telmate, and GTL. 

o Much consolidation on the vendor side too.   KIS appears to have much of this business.  And, very very high market share for Crane on bill validators – mainly SC but some SM too.  

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Pictures of Units at Show

GTL intake kiosk with SC Advance and BNF by Crane
GTL intake kiosk with SC Advance and BNF by Crane








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Telmate lobby kiosk with CPI CashCode SM
Telmate lobby kiosk with CPI CashCode SM by Crane

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Lobby kiosk with SC Advance by Crane
Lobby kiosk with SC Advance by Crane



Device Resources

About Companies:

Renovo – Renovo Software is the leading provider of inmate visitation solutions and video conference scheduling systems for a wide range of markets. Global Tel*Link, or GTL, provides inmate phone and offender management services to over 2,100 facilites and 1.1 million inmates in all 50 states across the nation.

Branch Infographic: Moving Beyond Cost Reduction & Self-Service

Ovum recently conducted a global survey of 300 retail banking executives to ask about their greatest branch challenges today, and where they believed the challenge might shift in the next few years.