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By | November 10, 2022
Mobile Touring Kiosk

Mobile Kiosk

Mercury’s latest compact version is portable, cost-efficient for shipping, easy to set up at any location, and can be transported in a flight case, six-on-one Europalette. Mobile Touring Kiosk includes peripherals for an Epson 3500 Printer and a QR Code Scanner. The main purpose of the kiosk is to print tickets and badges, integrate a face recognition application, and scan access control for pre-reservations at entry points. From

mobile kiosk

mobile kiosk

Mercury EK Series is a standard kiosk design series providing off-the-shelf enclosures that can accommodate a wide array of configurations. This design features a 15.6-inch or 21.5-inch LCD mounted in portrait or landscape presentation. Enclosure base options include a full-height pedestal for free-standing deployment or a smaller base option for compact countertop installation needs.

The Mercury combines a brilliant Projective Capacitive (PCAP) touch display paired with a flush-mounted PC, providing all-in-one space efficiency. The zero-bezel flush face and minimalist lines complement any retail or hospitality setting. Mercurytransaction component options include a side-mounted payment device (multiple), a receipt printer, a 2D barcode scanner, and a proximity sensor.

All components in the Mercury (except the preferred payment device) are manufactured by KIOSK’s Parent Company, Posiflex. Posiflex is a World Leader in Point of Sale terminals and related POS componentry. They are best known for highly reliable devices with lifecycles that far exceed industry averages. Because the enclosure metals and components are self-supplied (and stocked), KIOSK can provide attractive pricing and lead time on this popular design series.


An example of Kiosk Embedded Systems technology — Sodaclick AI-powered signage platforms enable voice-activated transactions


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