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RedyRef Interactive Kiosks debuts New Generation of enGAGE (T) Tablet Kiosk Enclosure at NRF Retails Big Show 2016!

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Riverdale, New Jersey. – January 13, 2016 – RedyRef, a turn-key, self-service kiosk solution provider is debuting a new tablet kiosk enclosure solution featuring the Elo I-Series family of tablets: the enGAGE (T) at NRF Retail’s Big Show in the Elo booth #1302 at the Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center in New York City. Although the enGAGE (T) tablet kiosk was designed as a platform for a variety of different tablets, the Elo I-Series was selected as an ideal partner for the launch of this new product line.

As self-service comes of age across multiple industries, from retail to foodservice, tablets are leading the revolution by changing the form-factor and footprint operating systems of both interactive kiosks and digital signage. The enGAGE (T) tablet kiosk houses the additional I/O devices that allow businesses to integrate tablets as complete transactional solutions. The (T) kiosk is designed with a cabinet base that can accommodate several industry-standard, 80mm thermal receipt printers as well as serve as a mounting point for additional devices such as EMV payment processors, barcode scanners and most other components required to complete any kiosk solution’s unique requirements.

Besides the new enGAGE (T) series, the enGAGE line of standard kiosks also features over a dozen additional form factors that may be utilized as basic kiosk platforms.  These designs may be used as they exist, or modified for more unique needs.

Platform Approach: RedyRef has simplified kiosk design by creating the enGAGE™ line as a standard frame concept, developed around the idea that retail prices real estate by the square foot. Each enGAGE™ kiosk is designed on a frame system that is standardized in this way (12”, 24”, 36”, etc.) so that the kiosk footprint easily fits within the parameters of retail space allocations. And since enGAGE™ kiosks are built as frame systems, they can easily be customized to other sizes if needed to meet the requirements of the kiosk component array.  

Customizable Skins: The enGAGE line features modularity of design as well, in that the metal cabinets, called “skins,” that are mounted/hung from the frames are also completely customizable based on the sizes of the components that they must house.

Branding Platform: The “skins” are not just a way to house components however; they are also an opportunity to create or reinforce brand awareness via surface customization including the addition of graphics and decals.  Additionally, enGAGE kiosks may be fitted with a variety of tablet sizes, branded headers and other extensive equipment options.

The enGAGE line is unique in that it was developed with a truly holistic approach in mind, allowing businesses to keep kiosk manufacturing costs down while still providing exceptional design flexibility.  And because enGAGE kiosks are semi-custom, rather than built from the ground up, RedyRef is able to offer outstanding speed to market that exceeds the industry standard.  All of this while keeping customers’ desire for quality branding opportunities front of mind.

Blending seamlessly into most any environment, RedyRef is able to customize enGAGE kiosks to fit the specified requirements of a wide range of projects. From office parks, hospital and university campuses and airports, to government buildings, convention centers and shopping malls, the versatile options offered by the enGAGE line can be modified to work in most any available space.

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