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In the age of the app, the humble tablet has transcended its entertainment niche, evolving into a powerful kiosk companion. Forget clunky desktop machines, picture sleek, portable tablets transforming diverse spaces into interactive hubs. Here’s what makes them shine in 2023:

Mobility Marvels: Unlike their stationary cousins, tablet kiosks dance to the beat of your needs. Imagine them gliding through museums, guiding visitors through exhibits with immersive AR overlays. Or picture them seamlessly roaming hotel lobbies, checking guests in and offering concierge services on the go. Their mobility unlocks a dynamic world of possibilities.

Engagement Extraordinaires: Forget static screens. Tablet kiosks are engagement powerhouses. Imagine interactive games in children’s hospitals, distracting little patients with fun while collecting valuable medical data. Or picture them in retail stores, letting customers virtually try on clothes or personalize products in real-time. They blur the lines between information and interaction, captivating users with dynamic content.

Data Detectives: Tablet kiosks aren’t just pretty faces; they’re data detectives in disguise. Imagine them capturing customer feedback at airports, gathering insights on travel experiences. Or picture them in libraries, tracking book borrowing patterns to optimize collections. Their data-gathering prowess helps businesses and organizations make informed decisions, shaping better user experiences.

Accessibility Champions: Tablet kiosks can be accessibility champions. Imagine them equipped with text-to-speech features, assisting visually impaired visitors in museums. Or picture them offering multilingual interfaces, welcoming diverse audiences in their own languages. Their adaptability ensures everyone can access the information and services they need.

The Future is Tablet-Powered: From museums to airports, libraries to retail stores, the future is brimming with possibilities for tablet kiosks. Imagine them as interactive learning portals, personalized service hubs, or data-driven decision-makers. They’ll bridge the gap between physical and digital, transforming spaces into dynamic, user-centric havens.

So, the next time you see a tablet kiosk, don’t just see a screen. See a doorway to endless possibilities, a catalyst for engagement, and a champion for accessibility. The future is here, and it’s held in the palm of a tablet.

Old Monitors – Turn PC monitor into tablet kiosk

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Philadelphia, mental health orgs to pilot screening tablet kiosk

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New tablet kiosk enclosure

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Armodilo to display tablet kiosk line at iMenu Expo

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SITA CrewTablet – Dedicated tablet

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TGI Fridays partners with Microsoft on tablet kiosks

TGI Fridays has completed a six-city pilot in Texas and Minnesota, and it will deploy the tablets in 80 additional restaurants, with more than 2,000 tablets by March Source: news.microsoft.com The devices use Windows 8.1, running Oracle’s MICROS Restaurant Enterprise Solution (RES) 5.4 on Oracle’s MICROS mTablet E-Series mobile point of sale devices.  Post Views: 994

iPad Pro vs. Surface Pro 3

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RedyRef Tablet Kiosk Enclosure in Elotouch booth

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Military Tablet Wars: Windows Gaining on Apple

The consumer tablet market tends to be an Apple versus Android battle, but in the government sector it is Apple against Microsoft, according to new report. 

Microsoft is seeking to challenge Apple’s iPad command of the nearly $100 million defense and government tablet market by customizing devices to meet specific needs. “Windows tablets have eaten into iPad’s market share by adapting to customer requirements,” says a study by the federal contracting data firm Govini.

Source: www.nationaldefensemagazine.org

Executing a Successful Tablet Deployment Step 2 Whitepaper

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Executing Tablet Deployments – Step 1

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