Kiosk Supply Chain News – HID Access Control Suffering Shortages

By | October 29, 2021
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Kiosk Supply Chain

As reported on IPVM

In Brief

  • HID readers (NFC and RFID) come up quite often in kiosk projects
  • Out of stock for multiple core offerings
  • Delays expected to last months
  • No plans to shut down
  • Signature line of Signo Access Control Readers is the biggest trigger
  • Nice report by IPVM on tests they ran on Sign reader


HID’s Large Marketshare Leaves Many Scrambling

Because HID is one of the biggest companies selling access readers and cards, the problem is especially significant for many integrators who essentially use HID as a single source.

Many Facing Global Supply Chain Problems

Industry executives tell us the global supply issue is a huge problem across the board in security, and HID is just one example of the supply issue problems the global economy is dealing with. However, HID’s dominance in access control exacerbates problems for this market.

Read the full article as reported on IPVM

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