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By | January 31, 2024
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China Kiosk, Digital Signage, Components and Mobile POS Android Handhelds

For the longest time we have kept the Chinese companies “separate” from US, South American, and EMEA.  Historically they used to be known for extensive picture taking at tradeshows, and weeks later those model turning up on their website.

As a semi-major connector on LinkedIn, I receive 10 or so requests a week for connections, but I never connect. I hide my connections to other connections but I still keep them separate.

Guidelines For Participation

Membership Options

  • Featured visibility on China page (this page) and Listly — $500 for two year listing
  • Joining as Associate Member (lowest entry level) – $1000 for two years.  That gets you hyperlinks and ability to post content for starters.
  • Associate Membership also gets you one on one working relationship with Craig
  • Free listings are always available for those who like free.  Here is overview of — and you can input your company to Free Company Listing — You can also add items to the For Sale list. All of these lists have traffic over 10,000

Only Chinese and Asian companies allowed.

WhatsApp and Wechat supported — WhatsApp has some problems in China and some use the government supported Wechat

We have a separate newsletter for Asia and APAC which we send curated content to once a week.  Send an email to [email protected] to be added or join the Whatsapp group and I will add you.

China Kiosk Products For Sale – Vetted

I’ve learned a lot of new information and also confirmed much of the old.  Some quick observations

  • English is still a second language (barely)
  • Voice calls are difficult
  • The main market for Chinese companies is China right?  But times are tough right now and so you see blurbs and pitches on LinkedIn
  • The main tactic is we offer cheapest, best buy so send us an order.
  • There are the exceptions of course
  • Sales process for Chinese customer and US customer are radically different, yet the Chinese companies persist in blitzing emails, almost harassing and with bad misspellings for example
  • What takes 2 minutes to communicate to US based company, takes at least 20 minutes, several times over.  Inefficient for sure and then you will wonder.
  • The Chinese tend to offer fixed products for fixed price. US is much more variable.
  • Kiosks tend to be fixed.  Whatever you buy is $900 but you will take what you get
  • Hours of interaction work against them. I am in Denver on MT and 6PM here is 9am there
  • Many of them use very high quality – Rcstars for example uses LG displays which a ultra-quality
  • It is a beautiful country outside of Shenzen/Hangzhou/etc\
  • Managers there will generally never invest in US though they want to expand sales.

I’m putting together database. Here is example

chinese kiosk digital signage

chinese kiosk digital signage

As things progress

We are looking at Asian chapter for Kiosk Association. We have multiple members from Korea so headstart on that.

What do you think?  [email protected]

Other Contacts

  • CJTouch and Gena
  • Chainway and Heidi
  • Joey Chen
  • Krissy Tan
  • Sophie
  • Vicky with Printers
  • Yan with SuperView
  • WeChats
  • Kendra with Rcstars
  • Helen with Rcstars
  • Cherry Jiang
  • Heidi

The Usual China Kiosk Websites

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