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Payment Kiosks For Unbanked Underbanked

Payment Kiosk Considerations The Bill Pay Kiosk, Underbanked and Unbanked in 2019 Reprinted with permission from Olea Kiosks news 3/16/2019 There are all sorts of situations where a company needs to accept regular payments from their customers. Utility payments, cellphone bills and store credit cards are just a few of the situations where customers make regular payments. And… Read More »

Bill Pay Kiosk News – Kiosk Konnect by DynaTouch

Dynatouch Unveils Cutting-Edge Kiosk Konnect™ at HCTC to Revolutionize Customer Service for Bill Pay Kiosk™ FLORIDA, DEC 8TH, 2023— DynaTouch, a leading innovator in self-service bill pay kiosk solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its groundbreaking product, Kiosk Konnect™ featuring real-time remote assistance. Kiosk Konnect marks a significant leap forward in enhancing customer service capabilities for… Read More »

Western Union Self service Money Transfer Kiosk

Western Union Bill Pay Kiosks Customers can now remit money on a 24/7 basis with over 580 kiosks conveniently located across the UAE Source: www.marketwatch.com http://www.marketwatch.com/story/western-union-launches-self-service-money-transfer-kiosk-service-in-the-uae-2014-09-30 The company significantly expands its network in the UAE by activating the Western Union money transfer service on more than 580 kiosks – which are strategically placed in shopping malls, supermarkets, residential… Read More »

Bill Pay Kiosk for county business in Atoka 

Starting this morning South Tipton County residents will be able to conduct county business in Atoka.

Source: www.covingtonleader.com

Three months ago the Tipton County Legislature appropriated $12,800 for a kiosk in the lobby at Atoka City Hall and it will be unveiled at a ribbon cutting today at 10 a.m.

Residents will be able to renew vehicle registration and pay court fines and county property taxes 24 hours a day at the kiosk.