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By | December 15, 2023
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Dynatouch Unveils Cutting-Edge Kiosk Konnect™ at HCTC to Revolutionize Customer Service for Bill Pay Kiosk™

FLORIDA, DEC 8TH, 2023— DynaTouch, a leading innovator in self-service bill pay kiosk solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its groundbreaking product, Kiosk Konnect™ featuring real-time remote assistance.

Kiosk Konnect marks a significant leap forward in enhancing customer service capabilities for BillPay Kiosk™. This innovative solution seamlessly integrates video and audio calls with screen sharing directly from the kiosk to customer service representatives. Users can now enjoy real-time remote assistance, revolutionizing the self-service experience.

Key Features of Kiosk Konnect:
• Real-Time Support: Instant video and audio calls with screen sharing for immediate, remote assistance, reducing the need for in-person visits.
• Call Routing: Smart call tree logic ensures calls are directed to the most suitable agent based on language preference, availability, and kiosk location.
• Call Documentation: Comprehensive tracking of call notes allows for insightful reporting on call types and frequency, empowering businesses to better understand customer needs.

“We are thrilled to introduce Kiosk Konnect as a game-changer in elevating customer support for our BillPay Kiosk users,” said John R. Becconsall, Executive Vice President at DynaTouch. “This innovative solution not only enhances user experience, but also showcases our commitment to pushing the boundaries of self-service technology.”

HCTC 2023 Debut:

DynaTouch is excited to unveil Kiosk Konnect for the first time at the Harris Customer Training Conference(HCTC) in Florida. This premier event provides an exclusive opportunity for Harris customers to experience the groundbreaking capabilities of Kiosk Konnect firsthand on the day of its launch.


The Kiosk Konnect software is available immediately, and current BillPay Kiosk customers may upgrade their hardware to support Kiosk Konnect on their existing solution. For more information and to explore how Kiosk Konnect™ can elevate your customer support, please contact our sales team at [email protected].

About DynaTouch:

DynaTouch is a leading provider of innovative self-service kiosk solutions. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology, DynaTouch empowers businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences through cutting-edge solutions like Kiosk Konnect.

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