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SCOs, the ubiquitous supermarket self-checkout machines, offer a tempting siren song: escape cashier lines and bag at your own pace. But is it smooth sailing or choppy waters? Proponents laud the speed and control, citing skipped small talk and efficient bagging. Newer tech like weight scales and smart carts promise calmer seas. Yet, critics beware the treacherous tech traps: beeps of shame for “unexpected items,” produce scale woes, and checkout purgatory when things snag. Convenience comes at a cost of potential patience-testing tech tantrums. Ultimately, SCOs are speedboats in a supermarket sea – thrilling for some, seasick-inducing for others. Choose your captain wisely!

Self-Checkout Is Not a Failed Experiment

Self-Checkout Is NOT a Failed Experiment Editors Note 12/25 – be sure and visit our page on Walmart Self-Checkout.  Latest RFID cart checkout similiar to Wegmans being tested. A commentary by Craig Keefner — Periodically, a “burst” of editorial articles blasting self-checkout appears in the news. We are coming up on Christmas, so no big surprise.  Generally, the… Read More »