Ticket Printer Adds Pinch Holder For Labels and other Thick tickets

By | August 26, 2020
ticket printer
Editor Note: Microcom issued press release for a new feature found on their 2″ and 3″ kiosk printers. They are calling it a pinch holder. This is basically a presenter meant for labels and thick materials: entertainment tickets, cinema tickets, visitor management badges, tags, wristbands. Thickness up to 7.5 mil thick.  There is an illuminated bezel option as well, just like what is found on the receipt printer.

Microcom Corporation introduces a new pinch holder for thermal ticket printer with purpose of dispensing labels, tickets, and other thick materials.

Lewis Center, OH,

Ticket printer

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August 25, 2020 – Microcom Corporation is pleased to introduce a new pinch holder available for 238M and 338M kiosk printers. The 238M and 338M are 2” and 3” wide print mechanisms that can be configured in a variety of ways to reliably print on an assortment of materials including labels, tickets, tags, wristbands, and continuous roll paper.

Executive Vice President, Steve Wolfe explains, “The kiosk market is always finding new ways to provide solutions to existing problems. Self-service is moving beyond the self-checkouts found in grocery stores.

ticket printer

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Kiosks now allow people to tag their own luggage, ship and label packages, weigh your own produce; COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of these kiosks, as well. That’s why we created a new pinch holder that works with thicker materials because standard presenters are only reliable with receipt-style papers.”

The new pinch holder is paired with a heavy-duty, guillotine cutter to create a configuration capable of cutting and presenting materials up to 7.5 mils (.0075”) thick. It can be programmed to hold a ticket for a desired amount of time or until taken by a user. An optional illuminated bezel can be added to this configuration as well.

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