Touchscreen News – US TDS Touch Introduces Fanless PCAP Touchscreen

By | September 13, 2018

Touchscreen News – US TDS Touch Introduces Fanless PCAP Touchscreen

PCAP Touchscreen US TDS Touch introducing a 700-1500 NIT fanless series of open PCAP touchscreen display modules with ultra-low power consumption and automatic ambient light. Sizes range from 10.1 inches to 32 inches. The overall module is highly integrated with modular design, high resolution, high contrast, high brightness, and greatly enhances the layering of the picture.

PCAP Touchscreen Product Features:

  • Ultra-high brightness industrial grade LED backlight, integrated heat sink structure, stable and energy saving
  • The front panel is flat, IP65 standard, waterproof and dustproof. Brushed with aluminum profile metal, light
    and compact, changing the appearance of traditional high-brightness modules
  • The backlight uses industrial grade components, intelligent constant temperature, automatic ambient light
    perception, high reliability, good stability, automatic brightness adjustment, energy saving and environmental
    protection, especially suitable for working in harsh environments
  • The 10-point PCAP touch screen adopts a 3MM cover plate with a hardness of 7H, and the surface is anti-glare and tempered. Insulation and riot, anti-purple line. The image is clearly visible and suitable for public
    applications in semi-outdoor or unattended environment
  • Industrial grade UL certified power adapter for high temperature protection, surge protection, leakage
    protection, over-voltage protection
  • Highly expandable structure, back VASEB hole position 75X75MM, 100X100MM two group hole position, can be used with OPS host and MINIBOX
  • Customized open-end highlighting machine for Android system and Windows system
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