Uber Offers Breathalyzer Kiosk On Thanksgiving Eve

By | December 1, 2015

Uber says Philadelphia is the only place where the kiosk will be this week.

Source: philadelphia.cbslocal.com

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Not sure if you’ve had too much to drink?

Uber set up a breathalyzer kiosk in Manayunk tonight and provided free rides for many people out on Main Street.

The location is known as a popular night for drinking and partying, and Uber’s Breathalyzer Kiosk was almost as popular.

Many people used the UberSMART breathalyzer kiosk, which was set up in a highly trafficked area of Manayunk, to see their blood alcohol level.

In turn, the company provided free rides home, up to $20, regardless of blood alcohol level.

The general manager for Uber Philadelphia says safety has always been a top priority at Uber.

Uber says Philadelphia is the only place where the kiosk will be this week, but they’ve also had the kiosk in a few other locations in the past including Miami, Austin, Toronto, Montreal and Cincinnati.

Author: Staff Writer

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