Visitor Check-In News – iLobby Raises $100 Million in a round of funding

By | January 6, 2021
visitor check-in iLobby Funding

visitor check-in iLobby Funding

Reported on Venture Beat Jan2021


Enterprise-focused visitor management software provider iLobby has raised $100 million in a round of funding from Insight Partners.

Despite the rapid push to embrace remote working in 2020, many — if not most — businesses will likely return to physical office spaces in some capacity once it’s safe to do so. And, of course, some businesses are not well-suited to fully remote work.

Founded out of Toronto, Canada in 2013, iLobby offers a number of automated tools, including mail management, which uses computer vision to streamline incoming and outgoing letters and packages. For example, front of house or mailroom staff can snap a photo of the label on each piece of mail using the iLobby app, which automatically matches that photo to the intended recipient and sends an alert. However, the company’s core focus is in the visitor management realm, as it allows companies to track and manage everyone who enters and leaves a facility, from employees to contractors, couriers, and guests. The company’s clients include Boeing, FedEx, Hershey, Pepsi, Nikon, Pearson International Airport, Scotia Bank, and LG.
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