Zebra Printers 403 and 203 End of Life Coming Up Soon

By | August 23, 2020
KR403 next to Boca equivalent

The workhorse printer for many kiosk manufacturers is the KR403 and the KR203 kiosk printers. These have been around in one iteration or another for over 20 years.  There are many other printers which replace the 203/403 but the closest we have seen in the Boca Lemur-Z printer (pictured next to 403 in feature image). Looks to be identical drop-in-replacement for existing mounts.


Some history on these printers. They were originally from Sweden and Tommy Wincent was the owner/president. Circa 1999. For the longest time the main company providing was Swecoin US and Elaine Bresnick.  Their big break came when IBM signed on for OEM.  Swecoin. The big selling point was the Loop Presenter. Eventually they moved production to Europe (Poland?) and suffered some quality issues. Zebra swooped in and bought them and had a good business for a long time.  Recently the wide A4 8000 was discontinued and most of us in the industry have been waiting/expecting for the other foot to drop.  Worth a nice scotch and nice cigar…

Announcement in NA and EMEA regions.

Kiosk KR403 and KR203 standard channel printers: End of Sale (EOS)

PMB-AIT10235: End of Sale of Kiosk KR403 and KR203 standard
channel printers in NA and EMEA regions as final phase-out of Kiosk printers.

1. Transition Overview
Advance notice of Final phase-out of Kiosk printers.

End of Sale announcement of Kiosk KR403 and KR203 standard channel printers in NA and EMEA regions.

Please note: This EOS announcement does not apply to custom KR403 and KR203 printers in NA and EMEA regions.

Existing custom KR403 and KR203 printers will be available until the end of 2021.

Effective immediately Zebra will no longer accept any new customization requests for Kiosk printers.

2. Product Transition Timeline and Mapping Table

Product Transition Timeline*
Last Channel Return Date November 1, 2020
Last Book Date December 31, 2020
Last Ship Date March 31, 2021
End of Service Date December 31, 2026
* Note: Any changes to above timeline will be communicated via a revised Distributor Notice (DN) and/or
Product Marketing Bulleting (PMB).

Official End of life Notices


PMB_AIT10235NE 203

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