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Drive-Thru Employee Headset Technology

Employee Headset Voice Communication Voice technology is getting better and better, and it needs to. The biggest problem is ambient noise and with audio technology the key phrase is “noise cancellation” especially on microphones. Find out how Attune HD offers the latest wide-band, high-definition voice communication benefitting the entire team. Wide-Band: 4 levels of digital noise reduction (DNR)… Read More »

Drive-Thru Whitepaper – Continuing Evolution

Drive-Thru Evolution Whitepaper Learn the latest drive-thru trends taking place across the restaurant industry that are meeting customers’ needs while increasing operators’ revenues.  For more information, you can email [email protected] Executive Summary Once considered an adjunct to an established restaurant, the drive-thru has evolved into an essential business component helping eateries achieve profitability and exceed customer expectations. Drive-thrus… Read More »

Panasonic Connect Menu Boards

Menu Board Advantages Panasonic Connect has a completel selection of restaurant and hospitality solutions. Customers want to enjoy the restaurant experience. They want to see crisp, clear graphics on the displays and even personalized offers. Restaurants need to offer that experience to bring those customers back for more. And that leads to increased revenues. Digital Signage communicates rich… Read More »

Menu Boards – Enhancing Their Impact – White paper

Menu Board Whitepaper There is a significant shift in restaurant technology that can engage customers in a way that enhances service, reduces wait times, and increases sales. Digital signage is the technology that powers dynamic menu boards and enables cost-effective influential decision-making at preliminary and point-of-purchase touchpoints. Excerpt Executive Summary There is a significant shift in restaurant technology… Read More »

Wendy’s POS System Case Study – Touch Screen POS

Wendy’s POS System Case Study In the self-service world, the employee is an absolute critical component for success.  Equipping employees with reliable and training them to easy-to-use technology becomes extremely important.  Here is a POS case study provided by Panasonic. It’s worth noting that all of these stations are Intel-based workstations. You can email [email protected] for more information.… Read More »

DSE News – Digital Signage Experience in Las Vegas 11/17

Kiosk Association October 2022 Press Release From PRnewswire October 2022 — APnews — DENVER, Oct. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Join KIOSK ASSOCIATION in Las Vegas for the Digital Signage Experience at the LVCC, Nov. 17, 2022. We are in booth 617. Our booth Clover Kiosk by Nanonation – Nano will be highlighting their cloud platform and wide-ranging support. Nano will show 3x screens (a Samsung,… Read More »

Biometric Kiosks – Thales Biometric Devices Now Available at UCP

Biometric Kiosk News Unattended Card Payments Inc. (UCP) has announced the expansion of its product portfolio to include Thales document readers and biometric scanners. For more information email [email protected] In today’s digital world where self-service is common, there is a need to provide different industries with products that address Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. Multiple industries need a… Read More »

Digital Wayfinding Software by 22Miles

Digital Wayfinding Software News 22Miles, a global leader in digital signage wayfinding software and interactive digital solutions, released its Tradeshow AI Assistant: a custom-trained conversational AI tool that streamlines event operations and attendee support via an engaging, user-friendly and responsive chat interface. This solution offers a first-of-its-kind experience, leveraging the 22Miles generative AI solution integrated with the brand’s… Read More »

Front Desk Reception Kiosk aka Virtual Receptionist

Live Streaming Receptionist Platform Noticed that WelcomeWare was showing at the MGMA conference. MGMA is right behind HIMSS when it comes to healthcare tradeshows. From Richard Wollboldt — Interacting with our WelcomeWare kiosk at MGMA Leaders Conference. I love speaking to healthcare leaders on innovative ideas that will improve healthcare for all. What an exciting industry! Comments Frank Olea with Olea Kiosks… Read More »

Drive Thru QSR Study 2022 (eg McDonalds Drive Thru)

Drive Thru Technology (eg McDonalds Drive Thru) Each year Intouch Insight along with QSR magazine do their analysis of QSR drive-thrus to see who is getting faster and who is getting slower. Drive-Thru utilizes a number of technologies including: Humans with tablets taking orders from waiting customers Two way audio systems for ordering Typically multiple large 55 inch… Read More »

Ticket Kiosk Tips & Videos

Ticket Kiosk Nice video of the production floor and ticket kiosks in progress with different styles of branding. Ticket kiosks historically have seen the most customization of any kiosk vertical.  One of the ticket kiosks we did at KIS way back when was shaped as an ear of corn for a state fair in Iowa.  Below is a… Read More »

Self-Order ROI Example BurgerFI Feature

Self-Order ROI Case Study BurgerFI Be sure and read our latest feature on ROI, Kiosks and Self-Order as demonstrated by BurgerFi. Other companies involved include GRUBBR, Samsung and Oracle. Feature article link Excerpt: Finding, sustaining and ultimately proving kiosk ROI can be tricky. Karl Goodhew, the chief technology officer at QSR BurgerFi, has come up with a very repeatable… Read More »