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Drive Thru Kiosk – NEXTEP All New Touchscreen Drive Thru

The DT5 offers a lower cost of ownership, a more flexible footprint, and improved ergonomics to drive thru customers

Source: www.nextepsystems.com

Very nice drive-thru order kiosk from Nextep Systems.  


Excerpt: The DT5 integrates seamlessly with the rest of NEXTEP’s product suite, including POS and mobile ordering. With bold graphics and a clean interface, our POS lets restaurant employees see orders in real-time and process those orders intuitively, thereby speeding up operations. Additionally, guests can order from their mobile devices and use the DT5 to tell the restaurant that they have arrived to pick up their orders.

French company acquires self-order kiosk drive-thru tech

HyperActive Technology has agreed to an all-stock deal that will make it part of the Acrelec Group, headquartered in St. Thibault, France.

Source: www.post-gazette.com

“Acrelec’s acquisition of HyperActive Technologies advances our mission of revolutionizing the way restaurant and retail brands engage their customers,” said Jacques Mangeot, co-founder of the Acrelec Group. “Combining Acrelec’s expertise in providing interactive kiosks and digital display hardware, software and services with HyperActive’s innovative drive-thru technology will allow us to become the preeminent global provider of the most comprehensive suite of solutions.”


The self-service kiosk market is growing and will be worth more than $73 billion by 2020, according to one report. An Arcrelec customer outside the U.S. does 90 percent of all indoor orders through kiosks; Acrelec believes this trend will continue with self-ordering kiosks in the U.S.


“From what we have witnessed around the world, we are confident that Americans will embrace the self-ordering option for the convenience and personalization it provides,” said Mangeot. “From a financial perspective, restaurant operators can achieve a significant return on investment from our shared technology.  All of our solutions, from drive-thru systems to indoor kiosks, are mission-critical to increasing throughput and driving sales.”