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By | March 26, 2022
DOJ Accessibility Guidance

DOJ Accessibility Analysis March 2022 Announcement

In March 2022 the DOJ formally issued a statement regarding accessibility and websites.  While that would seem to be confined to websites it is easy to assume that other public communication mechanisms such as kiosks, or mobile phones will be impacted in some way.  In particular, transactions performed by the public. You can read the announcement, but that only raises more questions and requires a closer examination.  We agree with points raised by several of the analysts, but the first conclusions might be — “The most important takeaway from the Guidance is the fact that the DOJ has issued Guidance at all on this topic.” — The full analysis is available on


Jackson Lewis

The most important takeaway from the Guidance is the fact that the DOJ has issued Guidance at all on this topic.  Indeed, on December 26, 2016, the DOJ Published a Notice of Withdrawal of Four Previously Announced Rulemaking Actions.  See 82 Fed. Reg. 60932 (December 26, 2017).  After years of silence on the issue of Title III of the ADA’s application to websites, the fact that the DOJ has turned its attention to this topic may indicate increased enforcement activity by the DOJ than in years past.

Access Defense

¹ Imagine if DOJ’s advice on the slopes of sidewalks was “using a high quality digital level will give you a better sense of the accessibility of your sidewalk.” As advice it is useless – businesses what to know what the maximum accessible slope is, not how you measure it.

William Goren — In the “Takeaways” section Bill lists nine different takeaways he sees. We liked the note on voice dictation which hasn’t been mentioned before.

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