Intel Retail Solutions Guide

By | April 9, 2014
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Intel Guide to retail solutions based on personalization.

“The Retailers’ Guide to Creating Personalized Shopping Experiences” for an overview of the latest Intel® technology-based, in-store solutions that can attract customers’ attention, exceed expectations, and benefit your bottom line, including:

    • Increasing brand awareness and in-store visits by presenting customers with relevant offers and information in timely and personalized ways.
    • Influencing customers at the point-of-decision to upsell and cross-sell, introduce new products, or move old ones—all of which directly contribute to revenue.
    • Allowing customers to shop the way they want, using a combination of channels (in-store, online, mobile, self-service) to flexibly engage with your brand in satisfying ways that keep them coming back.
    • Maintaining ongoing communications with customers to show you appreciate them both before and after the sale, which generates repeat business.
    • A virtual shopping solution that extends in-store and online inventory of large items.
    • Harnessing the power of big data analytics to track customer responses to campaigns and promotions, optimize media spends, and measure ROI.

Intel Retail Solutions whitepaper guide

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