VMware and Kiosk Mode

By | April 7, 2014

Self-service kiosks can be used in many different situations,

Kiosk Mode VMware

Kiosk Mode VMware

such as healthcare, hospitality, and education. For
example, a majority of patients claim that the most challenging part of a hospital or doctor visit isn’t the visit
itself—it’s the check-in process. A kiosk station can help simplify the patient experience by allowing them to
update their personal information, order prescription refills, and pay their balances without having to wait in line.
Application-specific peripherals such as proximity card readers, biometric identification, insurance card
scanners, privacy screens, and payment transaction devices streamline patient and work flow, improve financial
performance, ensure HIPAA privacy compliance, and provide patients with dramatically improved service.
Eliminating paper forms means the information does not have to be re-entered, increasing accuracy and reducing
administrative overhead.
VMware View 4.5 and above supports the “hidden” Kiosk Mode, which transparently connects the locked-down
endpoint or thin client directly to a remote desktop session. Users do not need to specifically launch a VMware
View Client. All configuration and provisioning is executed in background. The user is presented with a familiar
interface—a dedicated kiosk application running on a virtual desktop session. VMware View implements any
additional authentication mechanisms that are required for secure transactions, while securing the physical
network against tampering and snooping. All devices connected to the network are trusted. For example,
automatic USB device redirection and connection can be enabled to allow secure connectivity for allowable
local devices.


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