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By | December 14, 2023
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china kiosk company

china kiosk company

As a semi-major connector on LinkedIn, I receive 10 or so requests a week for connections for Chinese kiosk manufacturer companies, but we rarely connect. We usually send a msg and refer them to this page.

Best thing is to send your email to [email protected] or [email protected] so I can add you to the weekly email send. Join the WhatsApp group where I post twice a week.  You can add yourself to the database list and can comment and add description. I will approve.  My mobile is 720-324-1837 and Whatsapp or Telegram are fine.

作为 LinkedIn 上的半主要联系人,我每周会收到 10 个左右的中国公司的联系请求,但我从不联系。我通常会发送一条消息并将他们推荐到此页面。

最好的办法是将您的电子邮件发送至 [email protected],以便我可以将您添加到每周发送的电子邮件中。加入 WhatsApp 群组,我每周发帖两次。您可以将自己添加到数据库列表中,并可以发表评论和添加描述。我会批准的。我的手机是 720-324-1837,Whatsapp 或 Telegram 都可以。

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