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By | June 9, 2024
McDonalds Kiosks Acrelec

McDonald’s Kiosk Provider Acrelec

We are happy to welcome Thibaud and Acrelec as a gold sponsor of the Association. Best known for its deep involvement with McDonald’s, Acrelec has many customers worldwide. US headquarters are in Chicago

restaurant market research

restaurant market research shows Acrelec as leader

Some interesting facts are Acrelec has over 30,000 software licenses (many at McDonald’s I hazard the guess). Interesting too is the much greater reliance on self order kiosks in the French market. IN the US you might see 6 kiosks (3 double-sided) whereas in France the standard is closer to 10 to 15. We rarely endorse market reports but RBR and Datos are much better than most. They list Acrelec as worldwide leader.

Its not surprising either to see Acrelec involved with Self Checkout (see Check out at Walmart NOT going away). Acrelec is owned by Glory, a financial giant in retail.

We’ll let Thibaud introduce Acrelec – from LinkedIn on 3 Analytical Approaches to Improve Kiosk Menu Performance

I am not only going to speak for us at ACRELEC, I have a lot of respect for our competitors and I know they also put a lot of effort in their software.

acrelec kiosk

Thibaud Denolle

Most of us use qualitative (consumer groups) and quantitative (analytics) data, ai based recommendation engines and AB testing to improve speed, ease of use and ROI.

Optimization is different online and in-store: online the transformation rate is the most important KPI as it’s easy to browse somewhere else. The likelihood to leave a restaurant because of the kiosk UI is much lower. The key metric is average check. Speed matters only if there is not enough kiosks to have 0 wait time during peak hours.

What really set apart some kiosk software from one another are:

    • the flexibility of the framework to customise and accommodate management of modifiers and combos flows based on the POS database configuration.
    • the flexibility of the framework to handle loyalty integration providing both personalisation and offers redemption that might have complex conditional rules
    • how well the journey between app and kiosk flows keeping in mind that rewards, offers, gift card and digital wallet journeys start on mobile and continue on kiosk 

With over fifteen years of experience, ACRELEC has been the powerful technology engine driving the industry forward and delivering better customer journeys for the world’s leading companies. With our rich suite of end-to-end hardware and software solutions, expertise and customizable services, we are fundamentally transforming how customers dine, shop and live. See how our innovations are improving customer experiences and enhancing the way hundreds of companies do business.

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Perspective by Thibaud on AI Assist

  • AI in QSR: AI and machine learning are revolutionizing the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry by personalizing customer experiences at self-serve kiosks and drive-thrus
  • Digital Menus: The adoption of outdoor digital menus allows for instant price updates and menu optimization based on customer data and contextual factors like weather.
  • Operational Efficiency: AI-powered self-ordering kiosks and voice-enabled ordering systems improve operational efficiency by streamlining the ordering process and optimizing labor allocation
  • Technology Integration: Successful integration of AI technology in restaurants requires balancing new tech with crew buy-in to minimize disruptions and enhance the customer journey.

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