NRF 2022 In Review – It Only Takes One!

By | January 19, 2022

NRF 2022 Review

Editors Note: We are in process of collecting photos, videos and comments on the show and will update this doc in the next few days. V1

The Kiosk Association exhibited at NRF 2022 this year.  We expected fewer attendees for sure. Several factors contributed to that the major one being Omicron pretty much everywhere. Weather events included a big icy snowstorm.  Many of the airlines canceled flights (1000 a day) leading up to the event including Southwest Airlines who suffered from a pilot shortage (many in quarantine and most of those unvaccinated).

Many of our members toughed it out (see the photos from the KIOSK/Posiflex booth) but some had to cancel due to COVID.

Excerpt from Forbes

When the National Retail Federation’s annual trade show and conference opens today at New York’s Javits Convention Center, it will be missing several of its planned keynote speakers, a number of major exhibitors, and about 10,000 attendees who had been expected to attend before the omicron wave swept across the country.

But leaders of the trade group, who since the pandemic began have advocated for keeping stores open, and praised retailers for their ability to successfully navigate the challenges of Covid-19, said the time for shutdowns and virtual events is over.

IHL did a The Good, the Bad and the Ugly review of NRF that makes some good points.  Sounds like we were luck to miss the TSA screening at LaGuardia.  Also some free data on how COVID variables are becoming the new normal and reshaping retail.  If you want to see the recording or underlying research, you can do so here. Intel put the free research report together with IHL and we reviewed and quite good. Contactless for example is not going away…

NRF Return on Investment ROI

Usually, shows are measured in business impact and specifically leads.  Our booth at 1606 was at the entrance of the lower level which is the best position on the lower level. There are multiple ROI equations depending on the company and the person. Our point of view is geared towards a kiosk manufacturer or component provider. As far as leads go:

  • If we normally received 200 leads in 2020, then in 2022 we received 25
  • Booth visitors are made up of A) those who seek you out, B) those who stumble onto you interested and C) those who stumble onto you just going through motions.
  • Our leads were A and B class
  • Retail customer interest likely represented 10,000 store locations. That’s good.
  • Attendee traffic for the entire show was rumored to be a seventh of usual traffic  (40,000 is total from 2020)
  • The optimistic operative phrase for NRF 2022 is the quintessential “It only takes one”

NRF 2022 Photos

  • Here is our saved gallery of photos from NRF 2022
  • NRF Gallery

    NRF Gallery — click for full size


NRF 2022 Videos

Pretty slick produced video by NRF with the dramatic music and the emphasis on together again.

NRF 2022 Show Floor Walkaround Coincloud (Kim Kenney of KIS)

Event coverage

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