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By | December 18, 2023
NRF kiosk

NRF Kiosk 2024 – Kiosks, POS, Card2Cash

The big show of the year is still NRF in New York in January.  If you go to just one show, then that is the one.  Over 100 tagged “kiosk” companies.  Here is main search of NRF website for kiosk —

The “big show” of the year for many many years used to be KioskCom and the KI homepage has a picture the manager Lawrence.

For more information or you are interested in requesting a pass, send email to [email protected] — we do have a limited number of passes for $1000 we can provide (retail is $3500 day of show).  If you sell directly to consumers then you should apply for a free pass since you qualify.  Here is the link to our booth on the NRF site which lists multiple things to see while at the show.

All You Need To Know About NRF Kiosk

Advanced cooking equipment: Culinary efficiency redefined

  • Ventless ovens and automated cooking robots enhance kitchen efficiency and reduce cooking times.
  • No need for extensive renovations to provide high-quality, quick foodservice.

IoT: The backbone of foodservice operations

  • Internet of Things enables real-time monitoring and management of kitchen equipment, food safety, and inventory.
  • Leads to cost savings and operational efficiency.

Customer connections: AI at the forefront

  • AI-powered tools offer real-time, multilingual customer support and personalized recommendations.
  • Fosters a deeper connection between the brand and customers.

Store intelligence: Optimizing foodservice with AI and computer vision

  • AI and computer vision help monitor temperature, food cases, inventory, and customer flow.
  • Improves shopping experience, operational efficiency, and food safety.

Autonomous operations: Shaping the future of foodservice in retail

  • Integration of foodservice into autonomous retail technology streamlines shopping.
  • Self-checkout systems and automated store layouts enhance customer convenience.

Micro markets and fresh food vending: Catering to convenience

  • Retailers incorporate micro markets and vending machines for on-the-go eating.
  • Expands offerings and caters to health-conscious consumers.

Drive-thru technologies: Revamping the traditional model

  • Advanced ordering boards, POS systems, and language translation services in drive-thrus.
  • Improves order accuracy, reduces wait times, and enhances customer satisfaction.

The Foodservice Innovation Zone at NRF 2024: Retail’s Big Show marks a significant shift in the retail industry.

  • Embracing innovations in foodservice technologies enhances the customer experience and journey.
  • Other Kiosk Points of Interest

    • NRF is up to over 100 “kiosk”” companies
    • Interesting booths might be Toshiba, Epson, Diebold, Bite and Tillster in FIZ, UTC Retail and Lenovo
    • This year, we have a special surprise planned with a never-before-seen AI demo for self-service. You’ll have to stop by the booth to see it and be amazed. Under $500 option.

Things to Do

  • Retail Orphan event on Saturday is nice
  • Here is list from Rethink
  • Digital signage day on Saturday – here is keynote
  • Often we have taken in MOMA to see the latest there.


Booth # 1602
Denver, CO
United States
Kiosk Association is 500+ kiosk & digital signage companies. Self-service is primary.  Payment kiosks & POS order terminals for both employee & customers.. Interactive digital signage kiosks, curved displays, wayfinding kiosks & digital menu board.

Regulatory issues are important; we work with the U.S. Access Board on accessibility & participating organization with the PCI SSC on Cardholder Activated.  We serve on ANSI workgroups finalizing EV regulations. Here is our free 17-point ADA checklist. Please look at accessibility in your next project.

Since 1991 — Contact [email protected] for more info.

See VimeoLinkedIn &, on AVIXA

Gold Sponsors :

Join hundreds of retailers, in-store experience and technology experts, brands and agencies at this full-day event focused entirely on what’s widely considered the most important channel in the white-hot retail media (RMN) ecosystem – the physical store.

In the first event of its kind, NRF and STRATACACHE are partnering to dedicate a full day right before Retail’s Big Show to take a deep dive into how in-store media networks will deliver significant streams of new revenue from the physical store.

STRATACACHE CEO Chris Riegel told me the goal was to have a solid day of serious and interesting retail, brand and adtech people talking about what’s going on, what’s possible and the challenges in making things happen. To his credit, while STRATACACHE is the co-sponsor with NRF, he said the agenda very deliberately doesn’t have much, if any, stuff from his company or other vendors.

That’s smart, and helpful. We’ve all sat down at conferences and sat wondering why whoever had the microphone was being allowed to pitch a product or service, in the guise of education and knowledge-sharing.

This is the agenda:


Here was last year

NRF 2023 – Kiosks, POS, Digital Menus, Order Terminals

2024 — December January Kiosk News — NRF 2024 is our next show #1602 entrance to Lower Level 1A.  We officially sponsor the Foodservice Innovation Zone pavilion at NRF this year.  Passes start at $1000

The Kiosk Association is again exhibiting at NRF 2023 in New York. Here are some preliminary items.


Show Specials

Curved Displays are Popular – 22Miles

Good example of curved displays. One of Dizzie candidates is the Peerless-AV project in Oklahoma they did with Ford AV.

Self-Order Kiosk ROI for BurgerFi Discussion with Goodhew

From AVIXA and Kiosk Association — Samsung, Oracle and Grubbrr partnership

Digital Signage Wayfinding & Cosmopolitan Hotel and Walmart Proof of Concept

Massive Curved Display Wall — Seamless dvLED Wall

From AVIXA and the kiosk association —

Mobile Kiosk that is AI-Powered

From and the kiosk association —

Press Releases

Digital Menu Board – How Much They Cost and What About Installation?

From –Digital menu boards are taking the restaurant world by storm,

Receptionist Kiosk Case Study

From — For more information and to download case study visit

Touchscreens for Retail & POS

Elo (aka Elotouch)

We know touch – it’s our only business.

Small PC Tablet Kiosks Are Bigger than you might think

Originally published on AVIXA — project briefs include Taco Bell, McDonalds, Panera Bread, CLEAR, Shake Shack, Carnival Cruise Lines


product image

Kiosk Dual Self-Order & Counter Self-Order Kiosk

The Pyramid Passport and Flex countertop will be shown in 1602. Both units include assistive technology and one will be running JAWS by Vispero (in McDonalds configuration)
product image

Android Kiosk Software Supports Samsung Knox

Public access stations & apps can be securely locked down to prevent unauthorized access , and provide remote monitoring tools. KioWare Android does just that. KioWare also includes specific Samsung support for Samsung tablets.
product image

Kiosks for Self-Service Ticketing and more by Olea

You can see Olea kiosk in the Storm Interface booth nearby the KMA booth at 1602. Stop by and we will walk you over. For more information on Olea Kiosks you can email [email protected]

NRF 2022 Recap Video


There are all the sessions, vendor parties, store visits, shows and all kinds of things to do in New York as part of the NRF Show when we all gather in NY again. Having now attended the Big Show for over 30 years, here are my thoughts on the best outside events to network and have fun. Come early, enjoy the networking in a less hectic manner and enjoy the event. Look forward to seeing you at the show or these events.

These are ordered by the day.

Friday January 13th

VIP Awards – 6-10pm – Gotham Hall

There are many events that recognize retailers, this one allows retailers to celebrate the retail vendor community. This gala style event does just that and is a great way to catch up with friends you have not seen for a while and celebrate together.


Saturday January 14th

RetailROI SuperSaturday – 8am-2pm – Microsoft 11 Times Sq

A unique event of business content and networking, all for a greater cause, to help orphans and vulnerable children. Retailers attend free and generate enough sponsorships to provide clean water for 300 people just by being there. 100% of the vendor sponsor proceeds go to help orphans and vulnerable children. This “Tech and Tears” event brings the industry together and has helped over 265,000 children in over 27 countries.


Speakeasy @NRF – 6pm – ZUMA New York

For retailers only, this exclusive event in the internationally acclaimed restaurant will include a power panel of retail executives including Kroger VP of Transformation, Wes Rhodes.


Sunday January 15th

Retail Insiders Party – 9-11:30pm – Location TBD

The Retail Insiders Party is retail’s class reunion! It may be difficult to locate friends at the show itself, but it’s easy to find them here! This cocktail event brings together senior technology and transformation. Simply wonderful get together, always a blast.


Monday January 16th

RETHINK Retail Bash – 8-11pm Location TBD

This is the hottest new party of the show this year. Having been honored as a RETHINK Top Influencer in the past, I am really looking forward to celebrating together as RETHINK Retail announces the next wave of influencers at this great event.

Rock & Roll Retail Underground – 8:30-12am – The Cutting Room

Come enjoy your retail colleagues as they jam at this amazing event. Amazing talent and you will come away saying that maybe some of these people should quit their day jobs. An absolute blast and great way to end a long day of networking.


So, there you have it…there are a lot of great vendor parties as well, but after 30 years of shows, these are my 6 favorite events to come together to celebrate, help kids in need, or just have fun around NRF.

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NRF Return on Investment ROI

Usually, shows are measured in business impact and specifically leads.  Our booth at 1606 was at the entrance of the lower level which is the best position on the lower level. There are multiple ROI equations depending on the company and the person. Our point of view is geared towards a kiosk manufacturer or component provider. As far as leads go:

  • If we normally received 200 leads in 2020, then in 2022 we received 25
  • Booth visitors are made up of A) those who seek you out, B) those who stumble onto you interested and C) those who stumble onto you just going through motions.
  • Our leads were A and B class
  • Retail customer interest likely represented 10,000 store locations. That’s good.
  • Attendee traffic for the entire show was rumored to be a seventh of usual traffic  (40,000 is total from 2020)
  • The optimistic operative phrase for NRF 2022 is the quintessential “It only takes one”

NRF 2022 Photos

  • Here is our saved gallery of photos from NRF 2022
  • NRF Gallery

    NRF Gallery — click for full size


NRF 2022 Videos

Pretty slick produced video by NRF with the dramatic music and the emphasis on together again.

NRF 2022 Show Floor Walkaround Coincloud (Kim Kenney of KIS)

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