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By | November 11, 2020

Touchless Touch – Universal RFID Mobile Credential Readers

Join us in welcoming our latest KMA Sponsor: ELATEC RFID.

ELATEC has been in business for over 30 years. RFID is what they do—it’s all they do. And their RFID technology is the most advanced available today. This is in part why they are a market leader in Europe and rapidly growing in North America.

But as their customers will tell you, it’s also due to their exceptional design expertise and technical support. They are EASY to work with!

And being easy to work with is critical to getting design engineers and product managers to move beyond their limited, traditional supplier base who is often not delivering the full value the customer needs today…or will likely require tomorrow.

Very nice video illustrating all types of mobile transactions.

ELATEC has a deep and wide understanding of how to work with OEMs and integrators.

At the core, ELATEC RFID readers are innovative due to their unique, flexible architecture and open API. This ensures smooth and easy integration with hardware systems and back-end software and enables firmware customization.

OEMs and Integrators: you have a choice—a proven choice. I encourage you to discover ELATEC RFID if you haven’t already and learn what you can do together!


ELATEC designs and manufactures remotely updateable, universal RFID and mobile credential readers that help kiosk OEMs, integrators and VARs provide “future proof” user authentication for access control for their customers.

By providing a virtual single-part number solution that ensures worldwide compatibility and obsolescence protection, ELATEC readers reduce organizational procurement, IT, and touch labor costs. This is unlike other products out there which work with fewer transponder technologies, require on-site updating or reconfiguration for each device, and which may significantly increase total product costs when technology or security updates are required.

Learn the specifics — Whitepaper for Kiosk Integration

RFID technology is an increasingly popular component of kiosk systems, and there are already a number of different readers for the segment. Read to learn more. Download Whitepaper

ELATEC’s powerful, flexible open API reader technology gives OEMs, integrators and VARs a real competitive advantage, both now and in the future.

    • Expand internationally: ELATEC readers are certified for sale and use in as many as 110 countries around the world.
    • Maximize market opportunities: ELATEC readers support every major card technology worldwide—more than 60–including both HF and LF and smartphone mobile credentials via BLE and NFC.
    • Reduce total lifecycle costs: ELATEC readers simplify inventory management with a virtual single part number solution and can be easily upgraded or reconfigured without replacing inventory.
    • Deliver customer advantage: ELATEC readers reduce configuration expenses, extend product life, and support advanced functionality and security requirements, providing meaningful product differentiation for OEMs.
    • Prepare for the future: With ELATEC, you will be ready for whatever comes next. Our readers can be reconfigured and upgraded remotely to address emerging opportunities and customer requirements.

Contact us today to speak with an Application Specialist to make The Elatec Advantage your own.

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You can request more information here as well

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