Temperature Kiosks – VA Fever Screening Purchases Endanger Veterans’ Lives

By | November 16, 2020

PSA – VA Endangering Veteran Lives

Followup Wilkie Responds. Provides what we call the “Swiss Cheese Defense” for those who play chess. Sure it has holes, but given enough layers there are no holes.

Secretary Wilkie responded to the Military Times alluding to knowing people’s temperatures even before they enter their building:

Remember, we have redundancy in the system,” he said. “We not only have temperature checks, but we ask a series of questions. We do multiple screenings before anybody enters into a facility.

I certainly haven’t heard of any problems with any of our thermometers out there. We use a variety. Some hospitals, they know your temperature before you even step inside the building, because they have other sensors … I haven’t heard any complaints or any problems with the temperature checks.

From IPVM Nov2020By Donald Maye, Published Nov 09, 2020, 12:01pm EST 

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The US Department of Veterans Affairs has spent millions of dollars on a hodgepodge of 12 different fever screening systems, including many ‘tablets’ which have significant accuracy risks, an IPVM investigation has found.

Considering the large quantity of temperature screening tablets purchased, including 166 Meridian tablets IPVM has already exposed, coupled with the vulnerable population they are intended to serve, the lives of Veterans are at risk.

IPVM analyzed Federal records, verifying VA purchase orders of at least 12 different models of temperature screening devices, totaling $4.5 million. Many of the devices procured, in particular, the hundreds of fever tablets/kiosks, have serious risks in design and implementation.

Worse, IPVM tried for a month to inform and warn the VA of these risks yet has not received any material response.

VA Temperature Screening


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